Unity will revolve around the French Revolution, era of changes, progress and democracy (in some way). The crowd took the rides of the society in the always beloved Paris during this convulsed period of time.

Arno, the new assassin, would span Paris in his adventure. In a sandbox the size of the city and the design are important, but if we speak about Assassin’s Creed, the environment is a passive character, something that affects the game in some aspects.

Gather round! Paris inside AC: Unity:

assassin  039 s creed unity 2588599 Assassin’s Creed: Unity map leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

To compare:

Paris 600x226 Assassin’s Creed: Unity map leaked | VGLeaks 2.0

(Left: Paris during the French Revolution. Right: Paris in Assassin’s Creed: Unity).

The map appears to be vast, but we should know further info about the scale before to consider how large it is.

Thanks, Access the Animus.