Leak: Evidences about 'Left 4 Dead 3' and 'Half Life 3' development appear on Internet.

Jira is a  tracking product used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management that today has provided us with very detailed information about ‘Left 4 Dead 3, ‘Half Life 3′ and ‘Source 2′.

Valve has suffered an issue with this Jira software and their internal tickets were completely accessible for people for a certain period of time. An anonymous source submitted detailed info and some screenshots to valvetime.net showing several mailing list groups of interest.

One of the images shows some ‘Left 4 Dead 3‘ mailing lists and, according to the anonymous source, the main ‘Left 4 Dead 3‘ group contains around 68 people, while one of the subgroup contains “about 40”. Combining the two ‘Left 4 Dead 3‘ project groups makes it Valve’s third largest project.

Besides, the first image shows a 42 employee mailing group for ‘Half-life 3’, a significant number (Valve employ approximately 300 individuals) for the project, while the second image  shows people such as Paul Pepera, who joined Valve in March 2013 after leaving Halo and Destiny game creators Bungie, so we know this is all updated and current info.

The third image shows several Source 2 groups. The number of groups suggest the engine is at an advanced stage of development.

There are more unknown (and VERY interesting -if they are all still in development-) projects in the data files provided to valvetime.com‘Stars of Blood’, ‘Return to Ravenholm’, ‘Episode 3’/’Episode 3 Movie’, ‘Hardware’ / ‘Hardware Core’, ‘SteamMMO’ / ‘SteamMMO Core’ and ‘F-Stop’.

‘Steam Box’ is also a name we can read in the files, so we can assume Valve’s pre-build PC is still in development.

You can view a complete list of the names of all 791 “projects” found in this database on Pastebin now.

HL3-1 HL3-2 HL3-3 HL3-4











Thanks to valvetime.com

  • van Kerhoven

    Very amateurish. Good companys use codenames exactly for this. e.g. Hydra was the codename for Diablo3

    • John Raybell

      who cares, Diablo3 for allot of people sucked ass, sooooooo whats your point?

      • Murderer Ray Lewis

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