@NicoWav, the source behind some past Nintendo leaks such as Devil’s Third or Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, spoke again yesterday.

This time, our favourite French connection states that Wii U will receive a big remastered game in 2015. Unfortunately, we don’t know if @NicoWav is referring to a collaboration between Nintendo and an external developer in order to remaster a third-party game, or if he’s actually talking about a product like Wind Waker HD.

In any case, is obvious that Nintendo needs to release exclusive games on Wii U, so this remastered line could be a good way to fill its catalogue in a far more rapid way. legend of zelda the wind waker+hd 600x337 Rumor: Nintendo will release another big remastered game for Wii U in 2015 | VGLeaks 2.0 Via | NintendoEnthusiast.