Leak: Xbox One details: 500 MB initial Update. Revealed Download Size for NBA2K14, Forza 5, AC 4: Black Flag and more

It appears that the retailer Target is already sending Xbox One systems before the official release date. Twitter user @Moonlightswam has received his console and has revealed many details about the console, its dashboard and the download sizes for some games.

First of all, Moonlightswan  reveals that the Xbox One takes 17 seconds to reach its dashboard during boot up. The ‘Day-One Update‘ (presumably) was present after the console was booted for the first time and its size is, approximately, 500 MB.


This user also tweeted supposed screenshots of the marketplace where we can see the download size of several gamesNBA 2K14 is 43GBAssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is 20 GB and Madden and FIFA are 12GB and 8GB, respectively. Forza 5 is 31GBDead Rising 3 19GB and LocoCycle is 13 GB. Moonlight also installed Call of Duty: Ghosts which required 39 GB of hard drive space.

Thanks to the images tweeted by Moonlightswan we can see what appears to be a new section in the Dashboard: “Featured Challenges”. This feature seems to encourage the user to perform certain activities during the set time period.


Unfortunately, Microsoft has, momentarily, banned Moonlightswan’s account and he can’t share more details about the system.


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Thanks, Joystiq.