Mass Effect 3 was unveiled at VGA 2010. EA and Bioware showed the first trailer of the game at the event three years ago and it appears that this year we will also see the first footage of the new ‘Mass Effect’ game at VGA 2013.

StickSkills state that they have been informed that the next Mass Effect title will receive an announcement there. A CGI trailer will be shown and we will, finally, know the final title of the game which, as we already knew, will not feature Shepard as the main character.

mass effect 2 Rumor: Next 'Mass Effect' title to be announced at VGA 2013 | VGLeaks 2.0

The game is expected to be released for next-gen consoles and PC in late 2014, but early 2015 it’s also a real possibility.

By the way, Bioware teased the next Mass Effect via Twitter two days ago.

Thanks, StickSkills.