Leaked five new DriveClub beta gameplay videos. First impressions inside

The same user that previously leaked a bunch of 1080p screenshots and a video showing the gameplay of the DriveClub closed beta has now shared five more videos and some impressions about Evolution Software‘s driving game for PS4.

This new footage seems to show two circuits: Nigiri Hills and Munnar.

Warning, these DriveClub videos look simply stunning. You have been advised:

Furthermore, this generous user has shared some impressions about DriveClub:

DriveClub Gameplay

Gameplay really is fantastic. I’ve played a lot of racing games. From Burnout, PGR, Need For Speed series, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, Forza (though not the Horizon series) and more. The car handling feels semi realistic, so a mix or realism and PGR style arcade, though I think it leans more towards realism.

Plenty of content/events/challenges. I’m not going into details on these, you’ll have to wait until release.

DriveClub Graphics

Graphically it is the best racing game I’ve played (haven’t played PC racing games). At first I didn’t think it looked that great, but then you keep racing and it just hits you. It’s stunning, and just feels so rich. The environments just feel like they’ve had so much attention and it really brings the races to life. I haven’t really experienced this before, it’s just very dense. Motion blur is really well implemented, it doesn’t feel distracting at all.

DriveClub Image Quality & AA

Image quality and AA is not an issue. This is playing the beta on a 50″ Panasonic Plasma that has been calibrated (though I have sharpness up to 15). Aliasing is definitely visible, but it’s not distracting and is barely noticeable while racing.

DriveClub Sound Quality

Sound quality is obviously amazing.

DriveClub AI

There is no rubber banding. Though the AI does remind me of Motorstorm in how aggressive the other drivers can be. No mercy here.

Finally, some nice DriveClub GIFS:

Via | GamerHatch