Orbis Dual Camera. What's this?


When we unveiled Orbis, an enigmatic device called “Dual Camera” was also listed within the info.

“Dual Camera” appears to be an evolutioned HD Eyetoy instead of a Kinect device, based on the features offered right now.

It contains a pair of wide-angle cameras. Each camera offers a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p).

Sound is processed by a 4 microphone array working at 48 Khz.

The device can perform some non gaming tasks such as:

– Recognize the user and log in the system

– Video chat

In the gaming field it supports head and hand tracking as new game inputs. Currently it’s not clear if this device will support body tracking in the future as Kinect but it’s almost sure that it will be bundled with every Orbis system.

Do you like the idea of an “Eyetoy Next-gen”? Could it be a real rival for a (more than) supossed “Kinect Next-gen“?

  • DoctorFouad

    Thank you very much for this interesting info, hopefully its also a 120 fps camera or at least 60fps.
    could this rival kinect 2 precision wise ? we will see…and could this allow any form of virtual rality or some amazing new forms of augmented reality ?
    I think software will be determinent for the success of the device, but if it is bundled with every ps4, grat things to expect from first party developers ! I cant wait for this !

    hopefully 8 gb of fast stacked ram is also a reality, that would make ps4 the first console ever to allow realistic open world gamees and not seiing its processing power bottlenecked by its lack of bandwidth and RAM amount (a la ps3 which missed the opportunity of open world games due to this fact, we ended up with corridor-like games, lets hope this would change with 8 Gb of RAM, I cant even imagine what naughty dog can do with that…or just imagine a shenmue like game with open ended possibilities of gameplay and a realitsic world NPC AI and physics ! Incredible…video games will finally be revolutionized !)

    • It could have a 120 fps mode, that would be superb for reducing latency for motion control. The dual camera would be even better for deducting the z-index, that said the cameras could also cover a wider angle (looking at different parts of the room)

  • Gamer85

    Well that sucks. I hope the camera isn’t included in every PS4. Driving prices high just to have that stuff.

    • The Last of U

      Well, it’s sony as usual…copies others ideas and then flops.

      PS4 will not be sold in mass numbers, MARK THIS.

      • ummmm12345

        how is sony copying, sony has released a camera with every console apart from playstation 1

        • Roger

          How is this NOT COPYING????? It’s a blatant Kinect rip-off with multiple cameras and multi-array mic. The last of U is right, the PS4 will tank and even if sales do pick up, Sony’s on the verge of bankruptcy with over $150 Billion in debt and no credit whatsoever. Their rating of Junk by credit agencies is well deserved as they suck!

          • Facts make u sound stupid

            The eyetoy does not work like kinect but it does do what kinect does. It was introduced in 2005, kinect in 2009. Know the facts roger, it is therefore not copying. Just because they can do the same things, dont mean they are the same.

          • You forget Sega Dreameye….

          • Mr XBob

            You are right about them not working the same way but you are entirely wrong about them doing the same things.

            Eyetoy is a standard webcam. What it can do is see pixels moving, and guess what they are. That is all. It’s a 2D imaging system, no different to the kinds of things you could do on your PC in the 90’s. The best way to explain is: look at the mini-games they made for it. Such as the window-washing game.

            It had no idea that you were a person, holding your hands up and moving them from side to side to “clean” the window. It simply “erased” the dirt and suds from the virtual window in any area of the screen where pixels (ie: the player) moved and changed.

            Adding Move controllers simply added something physical that the camera could keep track of: giant coloured balls. It saw the ball, noted it as player one/two, and looked where it was pointing to give you cursors on screen (for example). It didn’t advance, it was still a basic webcam.

            Kinect is entirely different and offers far deeper and more accurate functions. First of all, it is seeing the players in 3D, this is why it needs two cameras. Secondly it floods the play space with a grid of infra-red dots (visit youtube to see this in action – if you look through a night vision camera with Kinect turned on, you can see your room full of dots).

            These two things together form a system that can physically see, and detect a person. It can detect two at the same time, and differentiate them to assign different controls (Eyetoy cannot. It simply sees two things moving, it doesn’t know who is who or restrict their movements to separate characters in-game)

            It views you as a skeleton. It knows which direction you’re facing, it can tell your height, your limb-length, the clothes you are wearing (for player recognition and tracking) and can track speed and direction of movement.

            Don’t get me wrong – it’s been incredibly underused, and the games for both Kinect and Eyetoy/Move aren’t exactly great. But saying that Eyetoy “does what Kinect does” is highly inaccurate to say the least.

          • BeastlyRig

            you do realize MS didn’t create kinect? They bought the idea from a jewish tech company.

          • wampdog29

            Israeli tech-company douche….

          • Umm…Israel is a Jewish country moron. Good call!

          • gamelove

            Errr…Not all Israeli’s are Jewish, numb-nuts. very good call!

          • Well thank you for such a fine observation Captain Obvious! I suppose Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t considered Muslim countries either since every single person there isn’t a Muslim.

          • Chapster1

            First of all: Eyetoy was first and had similar games as Kinect.

            Second: The Xbox uses discs so they must be copying Sony and Philips then.

            Third: The Xbox uses dual analog sticks. They must be copying Sony again.

            Fourth: The Xbox has online gaming, they must be copying Dreamcast.

            I can go on.

        • Mr XBob

          I’ve seen it, and trust me. It looks like a blatant copy of Kinect. It’s literally a shorter (length-wise) version of Kinect.

          Hand/head tracking, voice control and video chat are all things Kinect brought to home consoles. Sony are now copying those things. You’d have to be a blind fanboy to believe otherwise.

          Not content with copying Wii with the Move controllers, they’ve now copied Kinect. And when you see the device itself (and how much it resembles Kinect), you’ll be shocked at how little Sony seem to care about being perceived as copy-cats.

      • BeastlyRig

        so eyetoy 3 is a copy of kinect 1?

        I mean I like that MS is better at casual gaming. Makes me want a ps4.

        Well, it’s fanboys as usual…copies others comment and then fails.

      • BeastlyRig

        I hope they rip sony off in making games.. Xbox has no games. But then again they didn’t get into gaming to make games.

  • Sophisticated

    Videochat on a console is the stupidest way to communicate with others.

    If I want VC, I use my Mac and Not a freaking console.

    Hopefully they didn’t waste to much money on that!

    • giddieon

      I don;t know… it did the job video chatting with my folks… My mom had a Bone marrow transplant and we used the ps3s to video chat… 6 months before my mom was able to have visitors;;;

    • slazer

      Video chat on the PS is for friends on the PS not everyone with an internet connection. I use it all the time and is a feature I like. Now if they make it so you can chat with other devices that would be awesome.

    • We use PS3 chat ALL the time. It’s nice to have people in the TV and it is very straightforward.

  • DarthDiggler

    We will see about this, Motion Gaming hasn’t been huge for MS or Sony.

    • Roger

      At least Kinect gets a lot of games, which cannot be said for Move (which gets barely anything). Move is a flop, Kinect isn’t and that is why Sony is copying it.

      • RogerLovesMS

        MS Fan boy here ^

      • I would rather have a couple of great games that play great on the move than play a lot of boring games on the kinect that don’t play good. By that I mean that the kinect has a big delay when you move where as the move has a much smaller delay and the games. The move has many good games, while the only good games that the kinect supports only utilizes it as a gimmick.

  • Leo121

    I hope that bundling this with the console won’t drive up the cost.

  • Zargo

    how be a person so dumb to believe 8GB GDDR5 and the console costing less than 1000€, have you an idea of complexity for the mother board touse 16/24 memory chip? fanboy fantasy

    • Roger

      Only pauperfanboy N4Gtards believe that Zargo. Besides, the higher latencies of GDDR5 will cause other problems than just the smaller RAM size will.

  • Skitsy

    Eye Toy circa 2003—-Kinect circa 2010.. Who copies Whom?

    • Sega Dreameye and Gameboy camera anyone?

  • nolgan

    video chat, ya lo hace la play3

  • sunK1D

    This is a rip-off of Kinect.
    MS copied the EyeToy idea though with their “vision” camera. Kinect on the other hand was a complete different tech and one that Sony is now copying too.
    They’re all copycats. But this time aroud, it’s Sony copying Kinect.

    • koloco9

      “vision” camera? GTFO of here.

  • No way. No video surveilance for me.

  • XtremeXpider

    Kinect can do everything on the list, even log in with your face.

  • hamidious01

    I think I know what Sony plans to do with this. Everquest 2 has a very great application for RPG games where your character can be RP’d to have your face emotes. So if you froun your character would frown with you. Great for MMO’s and something like Playstation home.

  • Matt Hargett

    While AR games for PS3 like Start the Party, EyePet, and Wonderbook are really cool (and fun!), the PS Eye’s low resolution and extremely noisy sensor nearly invalidate amazing the low-latency, one-to-one interaction. Being able to take those same experiences and see the both the virtual projections and real-world images in high-resolution 3D will catapult those franchises into near-magic. (I would *love* to see patches for the existing games that take even minimal advantage of a better camera.) There are still major concerns: 1) will the new sensor be as noisy as the old one in *typical* lighting conditions? 2) will the mount be motorized so it can “follow” players when necessary (a necessity for exercise games), and 3) WTF 720p? the sensors need to be 1080p @ 30fps to maximize immersion (if only outside of stereoscopic modes — just like the phone in my pocket), and 4) will “deep” living rooms that don’t have a single-color wall behind the player be supported with better accuracy than right now?

  • abricot

    I think Kinect and Eyetoy are useless, there are only few people who play that way. Microsoft and Sony are in trouble, they don’t understand players anymore.

  • Jeff Pee

    WTF is wrong with FanBoys? Jesus they’re the only people in the world that don’t seem to understand how businesses like Sony/Microsoft/Samsung/LG etc. works. Rarely is there a company that has an idea that is completely their own or unique. If you’re Sony and you have an Idea for a product, you better believe your competition is probably working on something similar. Look at the iPhone, I’m 100% sure that Apple wasn’t the only company to think of a touch style phone at that time, they were just the first to bring it out/take the risk/chance to bring it out.

    You fanboys should really sign a petition or some kind of competition clause that states that the first company that comes out with a “thing” can be the only ones to produce it. So in that sense, there would only be one console with 2 analog sticks, only one console will have 4 face buttons and 4 shoulders buttons all others have to either have less or more, only one company shall have “motion” style games, only one console will have a BD drive, only one console will have an HDD… and so on.

    Get the F off of your high horse, get off of Sony/MS/Nintendo’s nutts. They don’t need you to stick up for them. Be appreciative that the video game industry is where it is today and enjoy the ride. Because the best thing about industry is competition without it we would be nowhere near where we are now.