Picture of the contents of the PS4 box leaked (presumably legit)

Sony PS4

Sony had detailed the content of the PS4 box during E3 2013, but we hadn’t still seen an official picture showing all those objects. If you are going to buy the fourth PlayStation you will have for €399/$399 or £349 the following items:

  • PS4 console
  • DualShock 4
  • HDMI cable
  • Power cord
  • USB cord
  • Mono headset
  • Instructions

This is the leaked family portrait:

Sony PS4 600x399 Picture of the contents of the PS4 box leaked (presumably legit) | VGLeaks 2.0

The mono headset seems cheap, a rock-bottom headset to chat with your contacts during your online games. And I have got other complain, the USB cord seems too short, when your DualShock battery is running out and you want to continue with your game, you have to connect the pad to the PS4, therefore, I would demand a longer cable to be a little bit away from the PS4 and the TV.

Thanks, Dualshockers.

  • rick roll

    This is quite interesting. Anyway a short charging cord is really a “wtf” moment when you do realize it can’t reach where you normally sit….

  • Mr XBob

    Short USB cable, cheaply made “headset”, no bundled camera, cheap looking plastic console… all adds up to Sony rushing to make PS4 cheaper than Xbox One. Sony had the same $500 price point up until very recently.

    • mtt

      cheap looking plastic console? ahahahah are you joking?
      as for the usb cable it’s 2 dollars.

    • Reed

      who the hell cares what the console looks like, its what inside that matters.

    • Master Troll

      Xbox made the cheapest headsets don’t kid yourself now and youve never even used the headset u speak before u think like a clown xbox can’t compete this time and no sony never had a 500 dollar price tag cool story bro but it doesn’t hold weight obviously u dont know the differwnce between your ass from a hole in the ground

  • Cameron

    I can deal with the short cord because we can charge the controller while its off

    • Jeff Pee

      really good point! there really is no reason your DS4 should run out of power, now.

      I think the entire package looks really good! The console itself looks great standing up like that. The headset could have been better, but at least it’s included and I won’t have to pay for another one. PS4 also still supports optical out so If you have a gaming headset it’ll work on the PS4!

      and what about that controller?!?!?! hands on preview of the controller have all been positive!

      • Cameron

        Eh ill just use another headset that i have since we can use any headset we want!

        • Jeff Pee

          I’ve got my Turtle Beach headset ready to go!

      • Master Troll

        Awesome cant wait

    • Master Troll

      Sony got it right and made changes to most complaints including the short charging cord its fixed

  • Jeff Pee

    hahaha… by the looks of things, the console wars are in full swing! #WasteOfTime

  • Micheal

    Shorter USB cable? The source you’ve provided clearly states that the “USB cable seems to be a two meter one, at least making a visual
    comparison with an equivalent one I have at home, while the cable
    included in the PS3 was only one meter long.” From looking at the image I can also infer that the USB cable will be as long, if not longer than the current PS3 one.

    Seriously, VGLeaks gets worse and worse with every update. Stop spouting nonsense.

  • matthew tripoli

    I find it funny that people are complaining about the head-set. I love that they choice to use a standard heaphone jack input. That means i can use any headset I want . That is a huge plus in my book and somthing that cant be said with the xbox one. Also they are smart to go cheap being that most people already have tons of cables and hdmi cords as it is . Id be mad if I had to pay extra for slightly better cables when I already plenty. they may have also went with that type of head-set so yo ucan still hear the controller speaker for games that will utilize that.

    • Master Troll

      Huge plus I could use my iPhone5 headset which have great new earbuds can’t wait!

  • ClaudiusCaesar

    Forgot to mention the stand-up base.

  • ClaudiusCaesar

    USB cable is long enough to leave the DS4 charging while not playing.

  • What I’d *really* like to know is: Is the PS4 as noisy as the PS3? I’m currently playing The Last of Us, and have the volume of the stereo cranked up to 11 in order to hear the clickers when I sneak around!

  • beepdeha

    this IS the real console, no leak