Possible DLC for PS3 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD?


Final Fantasy X remaster was a surprise when it was announced. Recently Square-Enix stated that not only Final Fantasy X will be remade for Sony platforms: Final Fantasy X-2 will be there too.

Both games will come in one disc for PS3 and they will come in separate SKU’s for Vita.

One source told us that there was a surprise in the pricing information available for the PS3 version. It appears that both titles will feature additional content as DLC.

  • Final Fantasy X HD /Final Fantasy X-2 HD retail disc – $39.99 (Already known because it is listed in Amazon lists)
  • Final Fantasy X HD International Additions – $4.99
  • Final Fantasy X-2 HD International Additions – $4.99
  • Final Fantasy X-2 HD Last Mission – $2.99*

*Requires the purchase of Final Fantasy X-2 International Additions

At this moment we don’t know if Vita version will feature the same DLC packages but it is very possible that it will have the same contents available at launch.

  • probably fake

  • cwistofu

    hopefully fake

  • lily

    I could see Last Mission as DLC, but not the other International content. Definitely fake.

  • John

    This game is a HD remaster not a ‘remake’


    Officially told by Square Enix / Sony, FFX|X-2 HD Remaster will be based on the “International versions”, however Square Enix is NOT ensuring the inclusion of “Eternal Calm: FFX-2 Prologue” and “FFX-2 LAST MISSION”, that’s what from OpFullThrottle we are asking for.

  • Ochibi

    I think it’s a big fake. How could they make us paying International since it’s the original version in Europe. And they said they will use International versions for these two FF as the base of the Remasterization.

  • SirNinja

    The “HD International Additions” DLC rumors are completely false; Square already confirmed the base games would be the International versions. Last Mission is a feasible DLC, but they’re more likely to simply not include it, since it wasn’t ever localized (and I don’t believe they’re bringing the voice actors back).

  • SquareEnix mustn’t do that if they want to restore their credibility

  • Dave Mailloux

    Definitely false. If the DLC were already priced (and in US dollars, for that matter), then its release would be imminent, yet it doesn’t have a release date yet.

  • Snugglesgodofdeath

    This would be better than nothing but not ideal. At least if they make it DLC we can get it.