Last week, some interesting trademarks were discovered in Japan. Some of them are very well known to all of us, while others are totally new:

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

  • Bloodborne
  • Otoiine


  • Run! Yankee-Spirit

Namco Bandai



  • Monster Hunter 4G


  • Shenmue


  • Run Drive

As we have commented, some of these trademarks are well known; for instance, Bloodborne was registered by Sony some weeks ago in the US, while Otoiime, also registered by the company, could actually be Entwined.

The interesting thing is that SEGA has registered, again, Shenmue. Apparently, this could be just a simple trademark renewal, but it could also be pointing to new products.

What do you think? Is SEGA going to release ‘Shenmue HD Collection’, a sequel to Shenmue 2 or, perhaps, Shenmue games for mobile devices?

Thanks, Hokanko-Alt Blog