RIME (former Echoes of Siren) dismissed by Microsoft

Create a game is not just make the game, at least if you want to publish it on XBLA or PSN. First of all you have to fill a document called Concept Submission Form. This text should summarize your project in the following areas: company and funding overview, game genre, design pillars (key elements that drive the design of your title), key moments (highlights. In some way you are to going to spoil the person that has to review your proposition) and risk evaluation.

There are more points, but these ones could sum up your project to the publisher.

Sticking to the article, Tequila Works presented Echoes of Siren, from now on Rime (official name to this project unveiled at E3 2013) to Microsoft. Rime could have been a Xbox One exclusive instead a PlayStation 4 one, although Tequila Works showed Rime to MS, the company dismissed the project. Sony approved its budget and that was the start of a new exclusive for PS4.


The Concept Submission Form is the first path in a long journey to achieve your goal: obtain financial support and a publisher for your game. I will divide the most important parts of that document, the document that Tequila Works had to send to Microsoft to reckon the viability of Rime.

1. Company Overview: that’s a description of your company upon what you have done before.


2. Funding Overview: being straightaway, how much money would you need to create your product?


3. Game Genre.


4. The Elevator Pitch: an excerpt of the essence of your game in one sentence.


5. Design Pillars: key elements of your creation.



6. Initiatives: how the concept roll out along the game. In this case, I will just stand out this part.


7. Risk Evaluation: hurdles in your development.


  • kevin

    They must’ve had good reason to say no , personally not every game concept has to become reality .Kind of sad that everyone on that other site thinks this going to be huge or even a game changer , just wow.

    • s3ltzer

      No online aspect…and no possibility of micro transactions. MSFT is about making money off of other venues.

    • Noobslayr

      What’s so “sad” about a game capturing peoples interest and imagination? Sounds like sour grapes that you chose the wrong console and won’t even get the opportunity.

      • kevin

        No sour grapes and if I wanted to play said game all I need to do is borrow my cousin PS4 and rent or buy him the game second hand from GameStop.

  • Texazzpete

    Incredibly misleading. Echoes of Siren as discussed here was an isometric, top down action RPG. The game exclusive to Sony now is a 3D, free roaming adventure game.
    Doesnt seem like MS denied them an Xbox release… They just turned down a request for funding.

    • John

      Hmmm, I think it is the same project and it evolved… I mean in Rime’s trailer we can see that there is day and night, night looks menacing and you try to survive, the character is wearing clothing consistent with the Argonauts… To be frank aside from the camera change I see the game in the pitch.

      Plus Microsoft has commented via Twitter that they missed this opportunity…

    • Noobslayr

      I dont see any evidence of a “top down action RPG”. Let’s face it microsoft was just asleep at the wheel as usual. Now that the PS4 is kicking their ass worse than expected, suddenly its “oh yes we embrace Indie’s, please come, please please”. GTFO.