Rumor: Call of Duty: Ghosts characters, Sledgehammer Games working on a new Call of Duty game

Infinity Ward surprised me with CoD: Ghosts, I expected a sequel or prequel for Modern Warfare, but not a new franchise inside the Call of Duty license (Xbizit, you know what I mean). Monday, lazy day, two news in one.

Sledgehammer Games could be working on a Call of Duty game. This company helped IW to complete Modern Warfare 3 after the Infinity Ward employees stampede (West & Zampella story). Sledgehammer is hiring for talented Level Designers ‘’to create cutting edge level designs for our exciting title based on a successful Activision owned IP’’. The company demands passionate shooter gamers and I would like to quote this sentence, directly extracted from the job position:

We are actively recruiting top talent for our Call of Duty development team.

Therefore we should expect a new entry in the series developed by Sledgehammer Games.

On another subject, the main characters of CoD: Ghosts have been leaked in a pre-order poster:













Thanks, Nowgamer & MP1ST.

  • Dickchops

    Just what we need, more COD!