Rumor: Deep Down could be a Playstation 4 exclusive


Yesterday, Yoshinori Ono (one of the big creators inside Capcom) tweeted about the development of Deep Down in Playstation 4.

ono tweet Rumor: Deep Down could be a Playstation 4 exclusive | VGLeaks 2.0


In the japanese part of the tweet we can read this text (google translation):

[quote align=”” color=”#999999″]Deep down and steadily (provisional), ongoing development! PS4 version of solo play has been able to. The ~ I wonder if I can soon show off in front …[/quote]

As you can see, Ono only refers to the Playstation 4 version in his tweet. If we remember, the unveiling of this game was, precisely, in the Playstation 4 presentation event.

Here you can clearly see the Playstation 4 controller in the picture uploaded by Ono:

deep down ps4 Rumor: Deep Down could be a Playstation 4 exclusive | VGLeaks 2.0


We will have to wait until the official announcement to see if the game will be exclusive or multiplatform.

  • Mr XBob

    PS4 “version”. The clue is right there.

    Seriously, you guys used to be a great place for leaks. Now you’re just building false rumours based on absolutely nothing.

    • mike

      While yes that would make sense..its a loose translation. False rumor? Is that a joke? Its based on the fact that nothing has been said about anything other than ps4. But yes I fully expect it will be a multiplatform game

    • Tmfwang

      jokes on you

  • willhe

    this is pathetic cause i thought it already was a ps4 exclusive when they first showed it at the ps4 event.

  • Am I the only one concerned about a man with 3 arms? That’s what we should really be talking about.

    Being serious though… This is interesting. Not sure how I feel about this. I know I bought Dragons Dogma on the 360… ..

  • Orlɛanž

    And they definitely need it if Sony wants to compete with MS in the software department.
    Games that are this revolutionary are system sellers. MS is packing all kinds of good games, and Sony needs to step it up. Get this exclusive, and I will buy the system for sure.

    • matthew tripoli

      sony has the largest first party development studio in the world and is known for having not just lots of exlusives but lots of quality exclusives. They also keep them coming unlike shady microsoft that that lures you in with a bunch of exclusives in the first years and then they completely die down except for maybe halo and gears. Also micrsofts e3 conference was cool but if you think about it, how much was smoke and mirrors. How many demos or gameplay was their of these exclusives. Not many. They showed a bunch of trailers. I loved xbox 360 but microsoft is a bunch of liars

  • kasino31

    who gives a #@$! if its an exclusive?

  • aaron

    this was the most interesting (and impressive) demo at the February PS4 event IMO. Too bad it didn’t show up at E3. If this is a real game and not just a demo I’m excited to see more of it.