Rumor: Diablo 3 PC expansion, 'Reaper of Souls', could arrive to console


‘Reaper of Souls‘ is the Diablo 3 expansion announced at the beginning of the week at GamesCom 2013. This expansion has been announced, at least for the moment, only for PC.

No official info has surfaced about ‘Reaper of Souls’ coming to console version of Diablo 3, which will be released on September 3, but game director, Josh Mosqueira , hinted this in an interview with Polygon:

“We’ve got Diablo 3 on PC, we released it and then a small team splintered off to work on Diablo for the current consoles. Now the team’s really focused on Reaper of Souls for PC”

“So if you look at the past, you can probably infer what the future might bring.”

Here you can see the awesome intro of this Diablo 3 extension:

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  • Jim Thorne

    Of course they’ll release Reaper of Souls for the two consoles, it’s plain silly to assume otherwise. Why would they supply it to a mere 1/3 of their fan base, when they can market it to the rest?

    It will simply arrive at a later date, just as ever other instance over the years.