An image coming from the official Latin America Battlefield 4 Facebook page seems to have revealed the content of the first proper multiplayer DLC for Battlefield 4, China Rising.

The image lists the name of all 4 new maps and reveals that 5 new weapons are included as part of the DLC.

bf4 china 600x286 Rumor: Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Revealed. 5 New Weapons Included | VGLeaks 2.0

The text is in Spanish, so here you have a rough translation:

  • Four new multiplayer maps:
    • Taklamakan
    • Altai Range
    • Guilin Peaks
    • Dragon Pass


  • Five new weapons


  • New vehicles and high-tech military equipment


  • Ten new missions


China Rising’s Trophy/Achievement list revealed that one of the new vehicles featured in the DLC would be the dirt-bike, while Bomber and a SUAV, a smaller hand-held UAV, would be some of the items included in the “high-tech military equipment” area. Air Superiority game mode would make its return as well.

As always, this info has not been confirmed by EA.

Battlefield 4: China Rising will be released on December 3 for Premium members, two weeks later for non-Premium members.

Thanks, MP1st.