Rumor: Dishonored sequel headed to next-gen and PC?


Dishonored was, probably, one of the sleeping hits of 2012, so that’s why we should not be surprised about seeing many rumors involving this game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda.

It seems Arkane is callings for a Senior Engine Programmer  who could “maintain and optimize the code for PC and next gen consoles”  and, besides,  being “passionate about FPS and RPG games”.

FPS and RPG. Arkane. Bethesda…

Yes, it’s still a rumor, but everything it’s pointing to this succesful new IP being continued. In fact, Bethesda’s leading, Pete Hines, showed his interest about making a solid franchise some time ago.

What dou you think? Will Dishonored be continued, or will wee see another IP matching this “passionate factors” and being developed by Arkane?

Thanks to OnlySP.

  • Cheryl Cole

    Eh another lame news.

  • Cheryl Cole

    Eh another lame news.

  • Rai_TheNoblesse

    hope Dishonored will get a sequel, maybe with a bit bigger budget (Dishonored is on par with Bioshock Infinite, …in it’s own way),

    they just have to keep a focus on the great stealth parts (Dishonored’s gameplay strenght, besides the “teleporting”)

    • Anon

      (Semantics: It was “blinking” and it was teleporting)