Rumor: Microsoft having trouble with game production for Durango


According to Kotaku, a reliable source has stated that Microsoft is having trouble producing content for Next Xbox/Durango. In particular MS is six months behind than expected.

Another Kotaku’s reliable source has also told them that some productions have been cancelled due to “they were not coming together as hoped“.

Durango Rumor: Microsoft having trouble with game production for Durango | VGLeaks 2.0

Kotaku has also heard from an industry insider that Microsoft’s reaction to this issue is trying to sign exclusive games for Durango. Do you remember our post about Respawn’s new game being only for Microsoft platforms?

  • Fluffy

    Not good. Not good at all.

  • Haralson

    Xbox has no gaems

  • scrapplejoe

    6 months behind…. but the system isn’t out till November… so essentially they are 1 month ahead!

  • PlayStation 4

    Pathetic and unsurprising.

  • wint3rmute

    I’m sure whatever they make will be better than knack lol.

  • Ironmanxrs2

    I went to Kotaku. No such article exists.

  • Christopher Walsh

    IMHO, the delay is most likely cause by Sony’s announcement which then caused Microsoft to change some subtle things with their hardware. I’m sure 99% of the hardware was already written in stone but if there were any changes, it would set development back so they could retool.

  • northernontguy

    IS this news really??? everyone know MS doesn’t own as many studios, and everyone knows console launches are usually hand in hand with a lack of games. There will be plenty to play on the Xbox when it is released. People forget all the great cross platform games coming.

  • asd

    On a side note, thanks for turning off your dumb ass ‘disable right click’ feature

  • scrapplejoe

    as long as battlefield 4 is ready at launch or whenever… thats all I want right now

  • devidation

    You’re retarded =D