Games are the foundations for a new system. Microsoft hasn’t got enough studios to compete with Sony, therefore, the company must do business with third-parties to get exclusive games for Durango. Although Microsoft has PGR, Halo, Gears of War or Forza, obviously a new console needs more games and new IPs.

Kotaku has got a brilliant exclusive: Respawn first game could be only for on Durango and Xbox 360. That’s a huge movement in the console war, this game could be a megaton. Respawn was founded by Infinity Ward founders, creators of Call of Duty series. The game has a chance to be a million seller. Details:

  • Title (tentative title): Titan. Blizzard’s game was a project name, this one could be the final name.
  • Gameplay: MMO FPS only, no solo mode. The gameplay would be a battle between Davids vs Goliaths. Davids = Troops heavily armed, Goliaths = Giants exosekeltons (Titans). These mechs would move with agility. The game would be balanced avoiding a lot of Titans in each map. Titan would require an internet connection to run, like World of Warcraft of any MMORPG.
  • Engine: Respawn would be working with a Valve’s Source version for Titan. Good looking game but not as top as Battlefield 4 is.
  • Versions: Respawn would be developing the Durango version and other external team the Xbox 360 version.

EA could offer a limited exclusive for Microsoft, exclusive deals are ephemeral in this market. I’ll bet for a temporal exclusive.

Thanks, Kotaku.