Rumor: PS4 could allow competition between users of different platforms


Sony could blaze new trails with Orbis. The company touched the market with PS Vita and different apps like cross-play, cross-save, cross-controller and that sort of services. Looking forward, they have to ample their possible clients.

Share is the word. Sony could integrate a new system that would link your achievements, your own gameplays or whatever on the social networks. Remember the Share button on the new DualShock? That’s not new if you knew it. Sony could allow users to compete among them using phones, handhelds or others portable devices.

Gaikai could open this new world. The cloud service could allow streaming your play on PS4 at other device. Sony has a great opportunity to integrate the cross-play function on PS Vita for all their games, not only for selected ones.

Thanks, TWSJ.

  • Klaus Kazlauskas

    If that’s true. Then Sony will win the next gen war.
    With that you could play a game that needs a strong hardware in a mobile. That’s awesome.

    • Mr.X

      That system could allow us free the TVs for our wifes. Natural selection!!

      To tell you the truth, I’m not going to use that type of system a lot, i would prefer to play using my TV, but it’s an alternative. Nevertheless a lot of people like to play in the WC…

  • Andrew

    Change the words “compete against” in the tile to “competition between”. I’m sorry but I just cring when I read something that doesn’t make sense especially an article title.

    • Mr.X

      Made. Thanks a lot for your remark Andrew.

      • vgleakscom

        Done, sorry. ^_^

    • Mr.X

      Done. Thanks a lot for your remark Andrew.