Rumor: PS4 may use 5.5GB of RAM for games


We have written plenty articles upon Playstation 4 and its hardware, although some points were still unknown, like the RAM distribution. The system has 8GB, but developers will be able to use until 5.5GB for videogames, the rest would be for the OS.

Digital Foundry, the tech Eurogamer section, claims that PS4 has the following RAM distribution: games will have 4.5GB of RAM guaranteed; the OS may use the rest, 3.5GB. 1 GB of RAM is flexible, this means 1 GB of RAM could be used with games or with the OS. Therefore, PS4 could dedicate until 5.5GB of RAM for games. Enough quantity for the first games, maybe they will have to be more flexible with this amount and let in the future to dedicate more RAM for games and less for the OS.

I would like to remind that Xbox One allocates 3GB of RAM for the OS and the rest for games, this is 5GB. Excerpted from Digital Foundry:

Sony’s internal docs say that 4.5GB is the baseline amount of guaranteed memory available for game-makers (note the memory usage of the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo) and most likely what the lion’s share of launch titles will be using.

However, other sources close to Sony indicate that developers can request up to an additional gigabyte of ‘flexible memory,’ and use it to boost elements of the game – but only if the background OS can spare it.

Speaking about the chance to reduce the RAM that the OS needs:

In short, while there is no guarantee of change in the future, Sony is at least leaving the door open to the opportunity and the R&D team has experience in reducing the OS footprint – just as it did on PlayStation 3.

Altogether folks, what do you think? 5.5GB of RAM would be enough for games?

Thanks, Gematsu.

  • bickle2

    Considering that ultra hi res PC games run in 2gb, yes

    • Agreed

      No game for PC uses 4GB of RAM, if they do require 4GB to run it’s because windows requires some ram for its own services. Or because you loaded up some RAM hungry mod.

      Is that because games rely on streaming data now? (i.e. never load everything at once).

      But, looking 8 years in the future, maybe it’s going to be what 512mb is today. People laugh at xbox 360 and PS3 RAM ammounts.

      • bickle2

        Well, they really always have, it’s just gotten more transparent. 5GB dedicated to just the games should be relatively future proof for the foreseeable future. MS did the 8gb in the first place to leave room for what they didn’t anticipate, and Sony saw the value in that I do think that the hard wall is really important tho, so halo doesn’t crash your DVR or whatever

        • Kreten

          Dvr has it’s own stuff so it wont’t have any performance affect on other operations

      • Kreten

        Yeah they laugh but x360 and ps3 have been able to deliver a lot more with their 512 ram than pc with 1gb ram

    • Dustin Cayman

      If we’re talking of a triple-A game:

      Maybe you mean 1,7-1,9 GB for Win 7-8 +

      2-3 GB DDR3 for the game +

      1-2 GB GDDR5 in the graphic card


  • Manoic

    This doesn’t change anything. Anything over 4 GB is already overkill and the PS4 still has a hefty performance advantage over the Xbox1 with GDDR5 and a better GPU. Plus it’s almost certain that the OS will be optimized to take up less memory over time like we saw with this generation anyways. If i recall correctly, the PS3 OS went from using like 120 MB to 50 MB?

    • Lud0

      As you don’t know anything in computer and hardware, I will just tell you that the G of GDDR5 is for graphics, not for guignol like you.
      GDDR as huge latency for processor. DDR3 is better for them. the PS4 GPU has more speed but is GCN 1.
      Like other Sony’s Fanboy, you should close your mouth and learn.

      Yes, for PS3, even 1 Mo. Sorry, but for PS3, it still 90 Mo at least and it’s so slooooowwwwwwww !!!

      But I want you to know that, at the end, the games will be the same.

      PS : Mark Cerny is not a god, It’s someone who don’t know anything about hardware.

      • Paulo Roberto Ramos Andrade

        Great, now a internet troll have more knowledge than someone who works with games for more than 20 years!

        • Mikey Nevelle Clanton

          a troll because he is not a fanboy or shares your opinion? you sound smart right about now…

          • Paulo Roberto Ramos Andrade

            Need to go back to school? Or you didn’t read his post (the final part)?

        • Lud0

          Yes, I must admit : half troll : since when a videogame developer know how hardware work ?

          Sony has of course a workaround for the latency : losing processor time to address 2 times more .

          That’s why you will never see GDDR to replace DDr in a PC for CPU.

          My knowledge is how computer works, that’s all. But be safe, the PS4 still hace enough ram for games, but it’s OS will never go down 1.5 Go at least : facebook, twitter, video recorder ask some memory.

          • Paulo Roberto Ramos Andrade

            Great, now you know more that a developer who works with games for more that 20 years…

          • Kreten

            You answered you’r own thing. They work with games which is graphics and coding while hardware ppl actually know how the data is transmited. He is right just do some research. Ps4 is GCN 1.0 and xbox 1 is GCN1.x which means any number you have about cu count gpu frequency atc is meaningless as you can’t calculate actuall numbers but there’s cards out there that are let’s say 24cu’s where another at 14 and the one with 14 being faster etc. You’re forgetting that xbox make their own chip and have been doing so last 10+ years while sony just took what amd had on hand xbox was working with amd on next gen apu and gpu tech

          • Paulo Roberto Ramos Andrade

            Watch out, we have a ‘specialist’ over here. Don’t make me laugh, you still thinks you know more about hardware than someone who works with it?!

          • Kreten

            You need to gather your information and then talk and not just listen to select few your mind chooses to hear. You fan boys make me laugh. Since you know so much about hardware why don’t you show me you’r calculation of 1.2TF for xbox one so I can set you straight. As you think that’s true. And I’m making you laugh but your dumb ass still didn’t go and do any research did it? I feel bad for you once again Sony Fan boys will be crying.

          • Paulo Roberto Ramos Andrade

            Ow, another guy who knows more about hardware than Sony or MS… Grow up.

          • Indy

            Are you an idiot? Because your comment reads like something an idiot would say. Who do you think co-developed the CPU in the PS3, that was subsequently STOLEN and used on the 360? Who do you think co-developed the CPU and GPU on the PS2? Or the PSP and PS1? Oh right, Sony. MS didn’t get into the hardware business until they paid AMD and IBM to develop chips for them and kept the patents and rights to the GPU design. They couldn’t take the CPU design since it was based on the PowerPC core that IBM and Apple co-own with Motorola and parts of it came from the CELL design co-owned by IBM, Sony and Toshiba. If anything, MS is the one with a limited knowledge of hardware.

            And no, XBONE is not GCN 1.x, it’s 1.0, you have it backwards. Try again.

          • Kreten

            Ok idiot, what did sony say? WE WENT WITH OFF THE SHELF PARTS. What did Microsoft say? We Custom built all of our chips in house. With all that R&D they still paid AMD 3billion dollars I wonder what for? Probably for off the shelf parts LOL.Use the damn logic Sony is losing 5billion a year where are they going to get the money to do what they did for ps2 and 3? Microsoft still has the money. But to prove my point go ahead and grab a graphics card with 512mb ram and see if it can do same as ps3 and xbox can. So same would apply for Ps4 off the shelf parts and X1 7 years of in house R&D. Oh and those move engines on ps4 are going to be doing 0 work as they don’t exist LOL
            X1 supports Megatextures and ps4 doesn’t you don’t think this is big?
            Oh did you see BF4 will also be optimized for xbox and pc being done in direct x 11.1 and ported to ps4? Seems like x1 API again easier LOL

            Sony sure has copied Microsoft a lot (friends list, achievements etc.) They were so desperate last gen that they gave you free PSN and Games just to lure you to buy PS3. What will they do now? They have no money to give free stuff? Microsoft is spending billions on that server upgrade by the way which will work great with multiplayer megatextures etc. So again anyone playing games online will be on xbox 1 if they choose to have best. Nintendo fans refused Wii U so they will be looking at next gen of Kinect which just gives microsoft more money to make things better for me 🙂

      • Hans Kazan


      • Mikey Nevelle Clanton

        lud has sense and knowledge…nice. To bad sony fanboys cant be as smart

        • Lud0

          No, I dont pretend I know everything. It’s just tehnical information that everybody may find on the internet before writing bullshit anywhere.

          But… you look like a fanboy, you smelt like a fanboy… Let me gess : you are a sony’s fanboy 2. Is it a troll ? not sure, more something like…the thruth ^^


      • Yes

        You fail.

      • Kreten

        You forgot to state that xbox has latest tech which amd has not even put out yet. These calculations and cu’s mean nothing as xbox will have GCN 1.1 and be HSA

      • Matthew Tripoli

        its not a huge latency difference and its still relative. You can reduce the latency to a point where its equal or less then ddr3. The gddr5 in the ps4 is clocked high so that shoiuld make latency a none issue when comparing it to ddr3. Also Cerny is not a god but if you are saying he knows nothing about hardware then you miss informed.

      • Indy

        I hate to break it to you, but the PS4 and XBOX ONE designs are focused on GPGPU, not CPU. That’s why latency isn’t an issue for the PS4, since it’s offloading most of its intense processes to the GPU for general purpose computing, the CPU is there as a backbone for less intensive computing. GDDR5 was a better idea than the XBOX ONE’s DDR3, since it’s prioritizing the bottleneck of the console’s design. The CPU on both consoles is weak, and Sony made the right choice by supplanting fast RAM meant for the GPU over system RAM. MS screwed up by using DDR3 and the eSRAM, both of which create a bigger issue to developers than GDDR5.

    • Fox

      Excuse me ppl. They are talking about RAM reserved for OS, not how much RAM the OS takes up. In console world they have to split it and limit how much RAM is left to games, unless they want some game to eat up as much RAM as it can and end up crippling all other things.

    • Kreten

      What you have no clue about is that xbox one uses GCN 1.1 which doesn’t exist yet out there. Ps4 is old tech, look at devs comments x1 gpu is like having 2 x7970’s. where have you been living haven’t you heard esram 196gb/s (as it can read and write at same time plus almost no latency) while gddr5 is at 176gb/s and then add 68gb/s of ddr3 you get 264gb/s x1 vs 176gb/s ps4. And xbox is known to have more ram than initially stated. All those calculations are assumption that xbox uses GCN 1.0 but they have been developing their own stuff past 8 years.

      • LOL

        You are such a pathetic fanboy spreading bullshit information that isn’t remotely true. How about you cite sources? Oh you can’t, because it’s NOT TRUE.

        • Kreten

          How about you go and search through some patents do your damn research. And how about looking for actual information instead of reading bull crap biased articles. Everything I said it out there in information released except GCN1.1 which you will find out soon 😉

  • Dustin Cayman

    it’s not 5.5 it’s 4.5, plus 0,5 GB from hd memory. re-check the article

    • Dustin Cayman

      exactly the developer can use up to 5.2 GB for debugging (0.75+) or use the HD caching of the OS for HD caching some elements of the game (+0.5 GB) there’s no “1 GB” available for game code or assets.

      • Dustin Cayman

        for comparison it’s 4.5 guarenteed vs 5 in the X1, but you’ve sources, you shoud know that now the X1 has 12 GB.

        Next months will be funny, stay tuned.

        • bickle2

          I’m finding that a little hard to believe. Is there room on the board for that, or time to change it? While I know that MS has some major screwjobs planned. Before launch, fitting another 8 chips on the board at what in manufacturing terms is the last minute seems a little unlikely

          I’m curious whether all 8GB of Sony is GDDR5 to be honest. There’s no reason to use it for the apps side

          • Kreten

            This is very possible they have two ways to go add 4gb to other side and use it for os or do what they did with x360 (3 months untill release we found out that it’s going to be 512mb and not 256mb)

  • nitro_feen

    Pd4 devs have already said this is not true and insiders have said that games are in development that are using 6gb of ram. I think we will have to wait until at least gamescom in august to know for sure but digital foundry articles have seemed biased lately like the one that said the ps4 would only record 7 mins which turned out to be wrong so this also is probably false especially since a third party dev has already said so .

    • Kreten

      Funny then why did sony reply to eurogamer and explain how it works? Why would devs say something when untill recently they believed that ps4 would only have 4gb ram? 4.5gb dedicated and 1gb flexible of which 512mb is pagefile

  • Kreten

    No this is kind of wrong it would be up to 5gb ram plus 512mb pagefile (we all know that pagefile is on hdd)

  • Matthew Tripoli

    a confirmed ps4 dev has commented on this and said it is a false rumor. I think they will talk more about it at gamescom.