Halo supporters request a movie based on this universe. Halo has a rich story behind the game (Halo novels expand the franchise and present a vast sci-fi world), it’s something that Hollywood could use to make a blockbuster, a huge one. If the latest rumor about Halo comes true, we could have our movie.

Production Weekly has spoken a lot in its twitter account, this slip has served to unveil a new Halo project produced by Ridley Scott and written by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break). Check for yourself:

halo movie twitter Rumor: Halo movie in works? (Produced by Ridley Scott) | VGLeaks 2.0

I have got two demands upon this possible film upon Halo. First, Damon Lindelof must be out of this project. This man shouldn’t reprise his role as a writer in any movie/TV series/whatever. Second, Master Chief wouldn’t have to take out his helmet. Majors like to destroy some characters with their shit. For instance, where is the Wolverine mask in all the X-Men movies?

Thanks, Scified.