Rumor: Respawn’s new game only for Microsoft platforms (Durango & Xbox 360)


Games are the foundations for a new system. Microsoft hasn’t got enough studios to compete with Sony, therefore, the company must do business with third-parties to get exclusive games for Durango. Although Microsoft has PGR, Halo, Gears of War or Forza, obviously a new console needs more games and new IPs.

Kotaku has got a brilliant exclusive: Respawn first game could be only for on Durango and Xbox 360. That’s a huge movement in the console war, this game could be a megaton. Respawn was founded by Infinity Ward founders, creators of Call of Duty series. The game has a chance to be a million seller. Details:

  • Title (tentative title): Titan. Blizzard’s game was a project name, this one could be the final name.
  • Gameplay: MMO FPS only, no solo mode. The gameplay would be a battle between Davids vs Goliaths. Davids = Troops heavily armed, Goliaths = Giants exosekeltons (Titans). These mechs would move with agility. The game would be balanced avoiding a lot of Titans in each map. Titan would require an internet connection to run, like World of Warcraft of any MMORPG.
  • Engine: Respawn would be working with a Valve’s Source version for Titan. Good looking game but not as top as Battlefield 4 is.
  • Versions: Respawn would be developing the Durango version and other external team the Xbox 360 version.

EA could offer a limited exclusive for Microsoft, exclusive deals are ephemeral in this market. I’ll bet for a temporal exclusive.

Thanks, Kotaku.

  • Usman Mohammad

    Good: Return of third party exclusive titles, which is what lead to a purchase of console over a competitor.

    Bad: We haven’t seen third party exclusive games on consoles for ages, due to development being expensive and that you loose out on at least the other third/half of the market. Also kinda screws over consumers.

    We’ll wait and see.

    • Steven McGrieven

      Actually, there have been quite a few third party exclusive games in recent years. Just off the top of my head, this past generation some big ones were Metal Gear Solid 4 and Ni No Kuni on the PS4, and Dead Rising and the first Saints Row on the 360. Not to mention all the games that are on 360 and PC, but nothing else, like L4D, Alan Wake, and Metro 2033.

      I don’t think third-party exclusives screw over the consumer. If we want “Titan”, we just might have to shell out money for a Microsoft console. It’s a choice that we, as consumers, have to make, just like I had to eventually make the choice to buy both a PS3 and a 360 because I didn’t want to miss out on Uncharted or Halo. 🙂 In other words, it’s really not a big deal…

      • Usman Mohammad

        Of course, but that was earlier on in the generation. The many of the games listed went multi plat with their sequels. So I mean it’s interesting to see the return of these now.

        The reason Why Ni No Kuni was exclusive is because it was released initially in Japan, and the Xbox market share is next to none. Alan Wake was published by MS game studios so that’s why it didn’t appear on PS3 (Reason why Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive), and Metro Last light is nearly multi plat (exception of Wii U, despite being slated for the system when it was announced).

    • Svengoolie

      You’re out of your element, Usman. There are a ton of exclusives on PS3. It’s just Xbox that lost all theirs.

      • northernontguy

        Xbox still has 2 of the biggest franchises in gaming as exclusives, sony lost Metal Gear Final Fantasy Devil may cry Ninja Gaidan.

  • scrapplejoe

    720 Needs to get Mass Effect 4 as an exclusive…. bring it back home.