Dark Souls 3 is ready for E3 2015 (Rumor)

2 June, 2015 0

E3 2015 draws near, so rumors and news about new announces are blooming in an exponential scale. Bethesda will unveil Fallout IV tomorrow, Square-Enix could present a new Hitman at E3 and Bandai Namco could […]

Dark Souls 2 listed on PS4 and Xbox One

12 July, 2014 2

Two different generations are coexisting now, one feeds back the other. In terms of games, it means cross-platform products and Dark Souls 2 could be the next one. Tesco, the UK retailer, has listed Dark […]

New and unpublished Bloodborne trailer leaks

13 June, 2014 1

Last month, the first Bloodborne (formerly known as Project Beast) footage appeared on the internet. We were able to see the first GIFS and screenshots from an -still- unannounced Sony project developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 by […]

Leaked PS4 exclusive 'Project Beast' gameplay footage

30 May, 2014 0

Apparently, the first Project Beast gameplay video has been leaked. Project Beast is a collaboration between From Software (Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls) and Sony Japan Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4, which is expected to be unveiled at E3 2014. The video shows the same footage […]

Leak: Dark Souls II PC Graphics Options

8 April, 2014 0

Dark Souls II will be released on PC later this month. We can already buy the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game developed by From Software, but on April 25 the game will, finally, arrive to […]