Prey 2 documents leaked: concept and goals

5 June, 2014 0

Prey is one of the cursed licenses in the industry. The first iteration suffered to reach the shelves and the second part almost ends in limbo. Arkane Studios (Dishonored) took the ride of this second […]

Leak: Arkane Austin developing Prey 2

15 August, 2013 0

Whatever Bethesda may claim, Arkane Austin IS actually developing Prey 2. Kotaku has obtained some internal emails sent by Arkane creative director Ralph Colantonio from May of this year declaring that the Austin studio would be making […]

Leak: Prey 2 Screenshots

15 August, 2013 0

Prey 2 has been suffering a very complicated existence since the moment it was officially announced. We haven’t read many news about the game, only rumors and re-confirmations about its existence. Now we have much […]