Prey is one of the cursed licenses in the industry. The first iteration suffered to reach the shelves and the second part almost ends in limbo. Arkane Studios (Dishonored) took the ride of this second part time ago, but the company started over the work done by Human Head Studios.

We should consider Prey 2 as a new game according the documents leaked by AGB. Arkane is building a game clearly influenced by System Shock 2, in fact, the company treats Prey 2 as a spiritual successor of that game.

The documents are divided in two parts.

1. First part: the concept of Prey 2

First of all you have to present a concept of your game, before to develop it. This stage is primordial to get the ok of the producers. In this sort of presentations you develop the keys of your game, the goals and part of its gameplay mechanics.

Obviously you have not started the production yet, so your team must mount the presentation with pictures and videos extracted from other products, that movement helps to visualize the product.

Prey 2 Document 1

2. Prey 2, the game: main keys of the gameplay mechanics

These documents have an objective: clarify the game, the main points about the playability, the plot and the focus of different areas.

Prey 2 Document 2

To recap:

Prey 2 is projected to be released in Q3 2016.
– Single player game.
– Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
– Spiritual successor to System Shock 2.
FPS + RPG hybrid.
– Physical combat.

Thanks, AGB.