'War For Nosgoth' (Legacy of Kain) title appears in AMD Drivers.

On 12 February we told you that Square-Enix could be thinking about reviving the Legacy of Kain saga. Warfornosgoth.com was then registered by the company, but since that date we have not heard anything more about all of this.

War of Nosgoth‘ and ‘Nosgoth‘ references are now appearing in AMD’s Crossfire Application Profile. This application has always shown references to upcoming games in its files, as you can see in the pictures below:

nosgoth-1 nosgoth-2 nosgoth-3









As if the above were not enough, this image has appeared in SteamDB, a website that catalogues updates to the Steam database:

nosgoth-4The circular symbol behind ‘NOSG’ part is the symbol that adorns the Pillars of Nosgoth:


arrow-down nosgoth-6

Perhaps an announcement of a new Legacy of Kain game is closer than we think.

Thanks NeoGaf and Corlagon over Eido’s official forums.

  • cruorderp

    Wish they renewed it. Legacy of Kain is one of my favourite video game franchises so far even though Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance were horrible gameplaywise (SR2 was bad because of overdone mandatory fighting which was never the main thing in Soul Reaver) but the story and characters… Oh the characters. Wish they actually made something great this time. Defiance was just slapped together so they had a game to finish the saga. Great ending.


    wish they would redo the saga in hd ;.(


    by far the most touching saga ever (lol if only twilight had this action :D) would love to be able to redo it all with proper graphics and proper controls 😛 with a mouse plz!