Recently we have published a lot of articles about the recent Xbox One and Playstation 4. This time we bring new information about Wii U, maybe the most “secret” system out there.

First we will see a visual representation of the memory map inside Wii U:

wii u mem Wii U Memory Map | VGLeaks 2.0

As we can see, the total amount that a game can use is 1 GB (code + data). This is not a surprise, Nintendo revealed this in one of the past Nintendo Directs. But additionally we can see the amount of memory reserved by the rest of elements.

We have 2 different memory zones: MEM1 and MEM2. All the application code and data are placed in MEM2. The system reserves all of the memory except for the area allocated for the application. The system reserved area (another Gigabyte) is not available to applications (although this can change in the future and maybe it will allocate 512 MB more for applications).

MEM1 is reserved for graphics libraries (although over the time the size of MEM1 will be decreased for graphics libraries). Therefore, applications cannot use MEM1 directly.

wii u mem2 Wii U Memory Map | VGLeaks 2.0

At this stage, we have got cached and uncached memory. Cached and uncached accesses were available to Wii apps, however, uncached access is not available for Wii U.