First details on Double Helix unannounced game

20 December, 2013 0

One week ago James Paick, The Last of Us artist, posted on some artworks titled as “Double Helix Games – Unannounced IP”. Double Helix has yet not said anything about this project but today, thanks to NeoGAF member Steverulez, we know that the game may be a next-gen shooter that has been in [Read More]

Namco Bandai registers 'Lost Land Adventure'

20 December, 2013 0

This week Namco Bandai registered a new trademark called “Lost Land Adventure”. The name was filed in the US database for using with video games. As you can see in the capture attached below, the game is intended for “Arcade [Read More]

Rumor: Fallout 4 details

14 December, 2013 1

Fallout 4 hasn’t been officially announced yet by Bethesda, but all the rumors point that the game is already in development. A set of leaked documents from a project code-named “Institute” reveal that the game will be set in Boston. [Read More]

Leak: First "Alien: Isolation" screenshots

13 December, 2013 3

We’ve been talking a lot about ‘Alien: Isolation’ these days. First, we knew the first details on the game, then some leaked artwork appeared and now, finally, the first “Alien: Isolation” screenshots have surfaced on. The four in-game ‘Alien: Isolation” screenshots [Read More]

Rockstar teases story DLC for GTA V in 2014

9 December, 2013 0

Although Rockstar launched Grand Theft Auto V only three months ago, a small tease of new content for the single-player game has been noted in an official blog post about the upcoming content creator for GTA On. For those ready to jump back into [Read More]

Alleged 'Alien: Isolation' artworks leaked

9 December, 2013 0

By the end of October we talked about the first details on Alien: Isolation, a cross-gen FPS game that will star Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, Sigourney Weaver’s character in the original Alien movies. Yesterday, alleged artworks for Alien: Isolation appeared on NeoGaf [Read More]

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