More than two months ago, some rumors stated that Grand Theft Auto V for PC would be released in early 2014. Before that, GTA V Source Code revealed PS4 and PC versions of the game and even Amazon France and Amazon Germany listed a possible ‘Special Edition’ of the game for PC.

This time we are going to talk again about Amazon, GTA V and PC.

According to’s support, the PC version of GTA V will be announced on December 24th and will be coming on March 12th in the USA and on March 14th in Europe.

gta v amazon germany 600x293 Rumor: GTA V for PC to be announced tomorrow. Release date set for March 12, 2014 | VGLeaks 2.0

“Welcome to Amazon Chat. My name is Fatima […]. According to our informations, GTA V PC will be announced on 12/24 and according to our source, it will be released in the USA on 03/12 and here on 03/14.”

Of course, take this with loads of salt, but lately Amazon has been on fire and has leaked various PC releases among many other things, so let’s wait until tomorrow and see what happens.

What seems clear is that sooner or later we will see GTA V on PC.

Thanks, DSOG.