While slot games come in a variety of different themes, some tend to be appealing more than others to players.

Enthusiasts are typically well rewarded when it comes down to finding their favorite genres and themes, as they do not tend to face too many difficulties when looking for the next title to give a spin.

Developers have looked to take inspiration from some of the world’s most popular themes and parts of sub-culture to try and attract as many players as possible to play their titles, especially as the market is highly saturated with thousands of options available.

Those that enjoy binge-watching TV shows like Netflix’s Narcos have no trouble finding it because of its popularity. It is one of the highest-rated slot games on FanDuel’s online casino, which helps highlight just how popular titles that take inspiration from TV series can really be.

Video-game themed slots

Slots that are based on video games, though, might just appeal to a wider audience, as many of these have been able to capture the imagination of players who might have enjoyed the originals when they were first released, and in some cases, like the throwback and nostalgic vibes that can come with them.

Developers have been quick to create their own versions of the biggest games to have been released, therefore giving gamers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite stories and characters in an entirely new way.

Tomb Raider

Perhaps one of the all-time video game classics that has enjoyed success as a slot is the Tomb Raider series. Almost everyone will have heard of Lara Croft and the adventures that she goes on. Played by Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander (2018), the character has been depicted in various mediums of entertainment, including in slot game form.

Created by Microgaming, it features a retro-style format that keeps in line with the graphics used in the first video game released. Players can enjoy a simplistic experience, too, as a 5×3 grid and 15 paylines are provided.

Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II was a huge hit across the gaming industry and continues to be widely played today. While it is typically found on arcade machines, many are still enjoying the bruising action as a slot today.

The game features the same graphics that were used and depicted in the arcade game that was released, players can truly get a real sense of nostalgia when they play. It features each of the eight original characters, all of which come equipped with their own bonus feature, while NetEnt has done its best to ensure players continue to be immersed in everything it has to offer.

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Call of Duty

For gamers of a newer generation, who would have undoubtedly played the two games, a Call of Duty slot game was created by Cryptologic. The franchise has been one of the biggest game series of all time, with over 400 million copies having been sold since its first inception.

The slot continues to keep many of the themes together, with this version based on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare title. Players can enjoy a simple experience, as a 5×3 grid with 25 paylines has been created, while there are bonuses that can help enhance the slot further.

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Resident Evil

Resident Evil is one of the biggest game franchises to have ever been created, with multiple titles to have been released over several decades, including spin-offs. The franchise has been such a huge hit, there have been several movies and comics to have been released, too.

A slot game was subsequently developed and released by Skywind, and the studio managed to capture the imagination and delight of players as it has become a hugely successful title. Based on the 6th installment, it features 25 paylines and a total of four different bonus games that are specific to each of the characters that are included.

Video game-themed slots will always reign supreme.

Video games will always have a special place in the hearts of those that are passionate and enthusiastic about this particular pastime, and slot developers have been wise to take inspiration from the biggest hits and create their own versions.