We are coming out of a turbulent time in the video game market and the pandemic has forced the coexistence between systems of different generations to be longer than the industry had possibly expected.

Commercially, this has meant that many video games that were expected to take advantage of the new hardware have had to be more limited in their technical aspirations to be able to run on the majority of devices, however, 2023 marks the end of this trend and this is the year in which the new generation will begin to shine.

Jump into the new hardware, that’s the moment

The acquisition of new hardware is always subject to the existence of games that really take advantage of the extra power and this year will see the launch of top technical products such as Forza Motorsport, Hellblade 2, Starfield or Final Fantasy XVI, but in addition, a series of games will be released that are built with Unreal Engine 5.

One of the best options to enjoy the largest catalog available is to acquire a PC and we recommend relying on a custom pc builder to get the best possible PC for the best price. I firmly believe this is the only way to get a top-quality PC that will be competent for more than a typical console generation.

The release of a powerful game catalog in 2023 justifies the acquisition of new hardware.

Unreal Engine 5, it’s time

Epic’s technical solution is the most widely used in the video game industry and one of the leaders in the audiovisual market. This year we will finally enjoy games built with the latest version of the graphics engine. We are talking about flagship games such as Hellblade 2, Lords of the Fallen or Immortals of Aveum, a product with a really impressive lighting and particle system.

These games are just a small sample of the Unreal Engine 5 capabilities, and to squeeze these products it is almost mandatory to purchase new hardware.


This is, with the permission of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the biggest launch that the video game industry is going to experience in a while, but Starfield is the first new IP from Bethesda in over 25 years and most importantly, the community is going to make the game infinite with mods.

starfield b 2023 is the year that justifies the investment in new PC hardware | VGLeaks 2.0

Not only is the product immense in gameplay possibilities, but the community is going to allow Starfield’s lifespan to be immense and a powerful hardware is a priority to achieve this. The players are going to add technical elements unpublished in the original game that are going to take advantage of the last teraflop of your machines.

Gear up, it’s the moment.