Aliens have been a thing of fascination to all of us, and defeating them and winning them over has been everyone’s dream. We all have heard stories about aliens; filmmakers have made movies based on them and a whole of the fleet of enticing merchandise has hit the stands of kids’ recreation shops where these get sold out within a week of introduction. Anything based on aliens has the potential to engage the kids and attract them with their sheer novelty, a novelty in looks, in the style of fighting wars and in anything they do. Computer games are another most used avenue where aliens have formed the interesting themes and have kept the players captivated for hours.

This fascination for aliens and their ways has formed the food for thought to the makers of Gears of War 4. This game has lots of similarities with Star Wars Episode VII. It chooses the era that coincides with the time when the events of the original trilogy have become thing 25 years old. Han Solo has got the mentor in the form of Marcus Fenix. The sons of Marcus Fenix JD and his closest pals -Kait and Del – substitute the iconic characters of Rey, Finn, and Poe. The torch is now held by this new generation of warriors. This forms the elite squad and has pledged to destroy aliens. The way they are going to destroy the aliens forms various parts of the game.

gow4 Command your elite squad and destroy aliens with the all new Gears of War 4 | VGLeaks 2.0

So, GOW4 utilizes the theories of role play and strategize and offers exciting opportunities for the players to win points and bonuses at various instances. Cover-based shooting continues to be the main strategy to survive in this edition of GOW. Players are challenged by swarm attacks and robot foes and they need to adopt to be very fast and mobile in actions, if they choose to stay at one place, they may get floored by Swarm’s Pouncer. So, avoiding the attack is one of the prime strategies to follow to move to higher levels of difficulty.

Talking about weapons, the players are armed with Buzzkill, Overkill, and DeeBee’s Embar that is actually a long-range rifle that can destroy the enemy from a distance. Successful use of these weapons wins, the player various points and bonuses. This game is a multi-player proposition and is full of fighting campaigns where results are a bit predictable, making the overall experience a lot more fun. Gears multiplayer is a fine combination of tactical and speedier attacks; when you reach Gears4, you get to enjoy lots of modes and are given 10 maps for better-aimed attacks. Then, there awaits best-of-13 round duel that adds to the excitement of the game.

GOW 4 offers exceptional keyboard-and-mouse control. On Xbox, one can go for a cross-play and it is another seamless experience. This game runs appreciably smoother on a capable PC. This game is worth recommending to all gaming enthusiasts. It has the vivacity of the new generation, excitement of nail-biting fights and lots of points to score.

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