Digital purchases should offer the chance to refund your acquisition under concrete parameters. We have this possibility if we have bought our product on Steam and Microsoft could offer the same option in their shop soon.

Self-Service Refunds program have appeared on the insider dashboard as part of an Alpha test process.


• Games and apps are eligible for self-service refunds within 14 days of purchase if you have less than 2 hours of play time across all accounts.

• DLC, season passes, and add-ons are not eligible for self-service refunds.

• The game or app must be downloaded and launched before requesting a self-service refund.

• You must wait for at least 1 day after the game or app’s release before requesting a self-service refund.

• Certain Windows 10 apps may not be eligible for self-service refunds.

• Microsoft reserves the right to block access for users who abuse self-service refunds.

Thanks, NeoGAF.