Crytek is in the forefront, although the headquarters refuse to accept this harsh situation, day by day, more Medias offer further information about the wealth situation of Crytek. Today the turn is for Crytek UK.

40 employees would have left the company (speaking about the UK branch).

– Crytek UK staff would not have received their whole salary since April 21st. Employees would have got paid with 700 pounds last month. Apparently Crytek could secure the money through a deal with Deutsche Bank, but that deal was delayed. Crytek issued a further payment last June 16th, Staff expected another payment on June 27th, but it was still not materialized.

– Crytek UK is working on Homefront: The Revolution. Since the study started its work on this game, 40 people would have left the company.

– Part of staff was promoted to senior roles recently. Apparently this movement tried to retain the resigns.

Ryse 2 was cancelled, therefore some staff from Cryek Frankfurt was moved to Crytek UK to help in The Revolution.

Thanks, Develop.