Sony is delivering great games for PS5 and PS4 with the sequel of Horizon, Gran Turismo 7 and Sifu (the game was not developed by Sony, but has been released just on PS5, PS4 and PC with a certain support by SIE). Time to enjoy.

The real matter is that Forbidden West could be updated with an online store to purchase at least DLC Expansions. The VSC (Games Rating UK) described that Horizon Forbidden West with the following descriptions:

  • “This game offers players the ability to connect to an online store”
  • “Where they can purchase subsequent DLC Expansions”

So, online shop and DLC Expansions are coming to the game developed by Guerrilla.

Moreover, the ESRB rating included for Horizon Forbidden West the tag “In-Game Purchases”:

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Thanks, Exputer.