Fans are thrilled about GTA 6, one of the most eagerly awaited video games in recent memory. So much so that some people tried to sneak game codes and film into the black market. Furthermore, Rockstar Games must continuously deal with the high standards set by the player base. While its debut is anticipated for 2025, some fans have modified their Grand Theft Auto 6 clone. Several videos of YouTubers envisioning the aesthetics of the next game have been posted on their channel. Although these films differ from what we saw in the leaks, Rockstar has the opportunity to enhance the future game dramatically.

Best GTA 5 Mods to Make Ultra Realism

Who wouldn’t want to play GTA 5 and explore the map with gorgeous graphics? We know that GTA 5’s graphics are significantly superior, but with the aid of Mods, we can enhance and make them even better. We can change some colors, improve the map graphics, and much more with the GTA 5 ultra-realistic Mods. The best GTA 5 mods are listed here. To learn more about it, read this guide through to the conclusion.

2 bis Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

1. GTA Realism

This extensive mod alters more than just the game’s appearance. Additionally, it alters a tonne of tiny and significant details in areas like population, driving dynamics, and ambient occurrences to give Los Santos a more realistic appearance. It does make adjustments to the tree foliage’s alpha maps to improve the effects of light dispersion, draw distant shadows, and address ambient occlusion on moving objects like cars and people. A full-blown system has also been put into place.

It competes with the entire franchise rather than just the upcoming GTA game graphically by presenting potential commercials for genuine brands, ground textures, and a more realistic appearance throughout.

3 bis Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

2. Visual V

The mod known as visual V isn’t as eye-catching as the others on this list. Most of the adjustments it makes are minor adjustments to weather effects that give the game a greater sense of reality. Although it does a fantastic job of enhancing the lighting, this mod enhances other aspects of the bass game. The mod’s creator claimed that hundreds of Los Angeles reference photos were used in its creation.

4 Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

3. 2k Water Mod

The third-placed item is 2k Water Mod. It’s as easy as it seems. Despite being referred to as “2k water,” it significantly improves the water in GTA 5. It truly does add a lot, brightening up and enhancing the beauty of some of the game’s pure lake scenes. Seafoam that is more realistic undoubtedly looks better, especially on beaches. Pools replicate the natural waviness of a pool by moving more subtly than that, thanks to the water jets. Deep water quickly turns dark. Some regions of Los Santos have sewage water that is green, muddy, and, well, looks like sewage water.

It works well when combined with the other mods on this list. That’s nice since, at least for this one, mixing and matching mods is relatively easy, unlike with GTA 5, where trying to do so can be a tiresome and annoying process because it frequently doesn’t work.

5 Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

4. GTA Redux

GTA Redux comes in second. This mod essentially emulates GTA realism. The weather system has seen one of the most apparent changes thanks to a significant increase in particle effects. More debris will be flying around, especially during a storm.

Additionally, there is much more rubbish and leaf litter blown around by the wind. When it comes to increasing population density, it accomplishes a lot. Many more casual NPCs are hiking, eating, and conversing with one another. Just left outside, the cars appear nicer. They have undergone a thorough makeover with considerably more accurate suspension and inertia. Depending on how a crash plays out, they actually increase the deformation limits for automobile damage to make it possible for cars to crumple like paper.

Everything gets better textures, but the road and plant life, particularly, have 4K textures. The cops have undergone numerous modifications as well. Several vehicles that weren’t included in the game have been added. To make NPC reactions to things like being pushed or hit by a car considerably more realistic, they increased the AI responses and included euphoric physics. It’s another monster mod that incorporates many of the same modifications as the realism mod. These two have some distinct variances, so you’ll need to look through the feature list to determine which truly makes more sense. They are so remarkable that choosing between them really just comes down to personal preference.

6 Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

5. Natural Vision Mod

This patch includes some seriously cutting-edge graphics effects in addition to just enhancing textures and lighting effects. This mod was made available via the creator’s Patreon page. Global illumination and screen space ray tracing are features. It significantly reduces screen space reflection, sometimes making it difficult to understand what that implies. Amazing things have been done, such as the reflection of buildings. Building lights look better because of the way they emit light. You once again have better streetlights, and the map textures lack parallax. The impacts of the weather are much better. Smoke is now better.

A fresh underwater filter is available. In this situation, you can see global illumination lights, which is quite lovely.

7 Fan Made Video Shows How GTA 6 Should Look Like Via GTA 5 Ultra Realistic Mod | VGLeaks 2.0

6. PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB

The players are particularly fond of this additional mod. It will aid in enhancing the game’s graphics and finer details. This patch will improve the post-processing, color grading, films, and other game settings. More than 390,000 gamers are now using this mod to improve their graphics. The latest upgrades also include the new renderer settings in addition to that. Therefore, this mod will work best for you. This mod can assist you in improving the game’s visuals if you wish to improve the graphics.


All of these mods’ work is likely done with an eye toward the series’ future, above all else. GTA 6 will undoubtedly include at least some of these capabilities on next-gen consoles and PCs. When creating realistic-looking open-world games, it’s safe to say that Rockstar is among the industry’s best.