Destiny 2 is known for its challenging dungeons, which offer a unique and thrilling experience for players. The activities are specially designed to test a player’s skills and strategy and offer a range of rewards for those who are successful.

Dungeons in Destiny 2 can be completed solo or with a group of players, and the rewards for going flawless are more significant. Going flawless means completing a dungeon without dying. In this guide, we will focus on the challenge of soloing and going flawless in dungeons, and provide tips and strategies to help you succeed effortlessly.

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Table of Contents

In the following list, you can find a little breakdown of our Solo & Flawless Dungeon Walkthrough:

  • Preparation
  • Tips and Tricks for Soloing and Going Flawless
  • Overcoming Common Challenges
  • Your First Solo & Flawless Dungeon
  • The Shattered Throne
  • Pit of Heresy
  • Prophecy
  • Grasp of Avarice
  • The Duality
  • The Spire of the Watcher
  • Final Thoughts


Preparation is the key to success in Destiny 2 end-game activities such as Dungeons. To ensure that you have the highest chance to complete your Flawless run, it is important to have the best equipment, gear, weapons, and mods. Usually, the recommended weapons and builds vary depending on the chosen dungeon.

It is essential to know & understand the mechanics involved in the dungeon before you begin. This also includes understanding the objectives and requirements for going flawless, the layout of the dungeon, and what enemies you will face.

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Enemy Behaviour & How to prioritize them

In a solo flawless run, it is crucial to prioritize your targets to maximize your chances of survivability. Hierarchize the enemies by using the following factors:

  • Location: You must consider the position of the enemy in correlation to your cover and other enemies.
  • Attack Type: Enemies have special attacks that could quickly kill or disrupt your movement. Eliminating them will make things a lot easier.
  • Threat Level: Some enemies are more dangerous than others, depending on whether they are ranged or melee.
  • Power: The higher the power level of the enemy, the more damage they can deal and the more difficult they are to take down.

Minimizing Damage Taken

Taking damage is almost inevitable in Solo dungeons, but some tricks help you minimize the amount of damage you can receive:

  • Use cover to your advantage.
  • Manage your Ammo, Abilities, and Supers carefully.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Equipping the right Mods.

Mechanics & Encounters

Any dungeon in Destiny 2 has a main mechanic you must learn and understand. The final boss encounter in a dungeon is usually the most challenging part of the run. It is crucial to understand, prepare, and focus on your surroundings:

  • Attack Patterns: Study & Learn the Boss Fight Encounter and learn how to avoid dying.
  • Cover: Take advantage of cover to protect yourself from incoming damage.
  • Resources: Conserve your ammo and super for the damage phase, and use your abilities at the right time to create space, stun enemies, and maximize their effectiveness.
  • Prioritize your Targets.
  • Stay focused and do not get distracted by other enemies.

Tips and Tricks for Soloing and Going Flawless

To successfully have a solo & flawless run in any dungeon, we prepared several tips that maximize your chances of succeeding:

  • Mobility
  • Use of Cover
  • Resource Effectiveness

Mobility and Its Importance

Mobility is one of the most important aspects of Destiny 2. It allows you to quickly navigate the environment, helps you dodge incoming enemy attacks, avoid hazards, and meet any objective.

Cover & Combat Breaks

Taking Cover is an essential part of surviving the Destiny 2 Dungeons. Using the environment effectively allows you to take a quick break from combat to give you some spare time to reload your weapon, regain health, ability regeneration, and more.

When using cover, try to position yourself in a location that offers protection from enemy attacks, while still allowing you to fight back.

Resource Effectiveness

Running out of ammo in a critical moment can be devastating. It is very important to manage your resources and use special/heavy ammo only when needed. Consider using gear with mods that increase your ammo reserves. Also, prioritizing your targets can help you engage enemies that pose a greater threat than others.

Overcoming Common Challenges

When going for a solo flawless dungeon in Destiny 2, you will often encounter difficult situations you must adapt immediately without hesitation; such as having to deal with powerful opponents, overcoming the timers, and surviving hundreds of enemies.

Powerful Enemies

If you encounter a powerful enemy that looks difficult to defeat, you must focus on exploiting the weaknesses this type of enemy has. Take advantage of the critical spots for extra damage, use abilities and weapons effectively, create space between you and the specific enemy, and avoid its powerful attacks.

Mechanics and Obstacles

Other common challenges in Destiny 2 Dungeons are mechanics and the environment. Take your time to examine, find clues, and think of solutions. Some dungeons require players to learn the mechanic, fight mobs, avoid obstacles, and solve the “riddle”, all at the same time.

Survive against Hordes of Enemies

In some of the dungeons available in Destiny 2, certain encounters do not feature boss fights. The first encounter starts with a quick introduction to the mechanic. But, the final encounter of a dungeon is usually full of enemies and adds that are trying to stop you.

In the list below, we chose the best Add clear weapons for this type of encounter:

  • Trinity Ghoul (Best to have Trinity Ghoul’s Catalyst)
  • Riskrunner
  • Grenade Launchers (Wave Frame Archetypes)
  • Machine Guns


Finally, players might find themselves facing time constraints when soloing a Destiny 2 Dungeon. This challenging situation must be solved by being more efficient through the encounters.

Focus on moving quickly, avoiding unnecessary combat and obstacles. If you find yourself in a situation where you are running out of time, you must be prepared to adapt your strategy immediately and change the outcome into a favorable one.

First Solo & Flawless Dungeon

Dungeons are mini-raids, with mechanics and encounters, but less demanding than them. One of the greatest achievements & triumphs in Destiny 2 for a player is to complete a dungeon solo without dying. Currently, in Destiny 2, there are six dungeons available, some of them being clearly easier than others. In the following list, we ranked them by difficulties:

  • Shattered Throne: Easiest
  • Pit of Heresy: Easy
  • Prophecy: Easy
  • Grasp of Avarice: Normal
  • Spire of the Watcher: Hard
  • Duality: Very Hard

Without the possibility of argument or debate, the most important thing is to practice a dungeon and get into encounters slowly, learning and mastering every situation.

Even if the challenge seems extremely difficult we will dive further into each dungeon and share with you a couple of tips and tricks!

Pro Tips for Successful Solo & Flawless Dungeon Runs in Destiny 2

It’s highly recommended to change your exotic armor to buff your damage outcome or survivability, try more than one exotic weapon to help your add-clear or damaging capabilities, or use different supers and ability variations.

The Shattered Throne Solo Flawless

unnamed 2 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

The Shattered Throne is the first dungeon introduced in Destiny 2. This activity has plenty of encounters and situations that test a player’s skill and survivability. Being the first and longest dungeon introduced in the game, many strategies have been discovered, which make the challenge extremely easy:

  • Add-Clearing is Very important in this dungeon.
  • Learn Symbols location and Labyrinth Paths.
  • Kill the Ogres in the Descent platforming Section, and use exotic armor focused on mobility.
  • Use Void Weapons or Disruption Break perk for the Witches in the Vorgeth encounter.
  • Kill the Knights as soon as possible, grab the buff, and eliminate the boss in the Dul Incaru fight.

The Shattered Throne should be the easiest dungeon to tackle on your first Solo & Flawless attempt. Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!

Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless

unnamed 3 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

Pit of Heresy is the second dungeon introduced in Destiny 2 in the Shadowkeep Expansion. This activity was a real struggle back in the day, but now, there are plenty of mods and really good weapons that turn the challenge into a breeze. Here are a couple of tips that might help you cleanse the threat.

  • Be patient and clear all the enemies you can (use a Sniper Rifle for ranged enemies)
  • Memorize the Tunnels of Despair.
  • Stay alive, clear adds, bank the orbs, and eliminate the Knights in the Chamber of Suffering encounter.
  • Memorize The Harrows encounter and use mobility exotic armor.
  • Zulmak Encounter is pretty straightforward; bank the three orbs, and use any Heavy Weapon to damage the boss (Anarchy, Falling Guillotine Sword, Izanagi’s Burden Sniper Rifle, etc)

Do not get greedy with the damage phases, and watch out for one-shotting attacks and enemies such as the cursed thrall, fire attacks, or the wipe mechanic by standing on the boss’s platform for too long. Zulmak might look like a challenging encounter, but it can easily be defeated in one phase. Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!

Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless

unnamed 4 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

Prophecy Dungeon is the third dungeon in Destiny 2. The activity has unique cosmetic rewards when you complete it Solo & Flawless. We highly recommend making use of any combination of mods from the warmind season such as Warmind’s Protection, Protective Light, Wrath of Rasputin, etc, or Well mods from the following seasons.

  • Position yourself carefully.
  • Use mods for Damage Buffs.
  • Use constant damage weapons to avoid close fights.
  • Pay Attention to the platforms and Cleanse the correct one in the Hexahedron Encounter
  • Take your time to reach the end safely through Rainbow Road.
  • Use Passive Damage on Kell Echo while he is teleporting (Witherhoard/Anarchy)

If you are using a Warlock or Titan, you can use The Lament to burst the boss’s HP. Play the platforming part carefully and if you get caught by the portal, remember that you still have time to run back! Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!


Grasp of Avarice Solo Flawless

unnamed 5 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

Grasp of Avarice is the fourth dungeon added in Destiny 2. This activity has a lot of hidden mechanics that help you throughout the dungeon. By reaching multiples of 10 stacks of Burdened by Riches, all abilities (including super, melee, grenade, and class) become fully charged. Use your super as much as needed and follow the tips below:

  • Take your time and learn the Platforming and Trap Sections of the Dungeon.
  • Use the safe spots on the stairs or in the left room while damaging the first boss.
  • Use Always on Time for the Sparrowing Section and take as many buttons as you can while driving.
  • Walk slowly and calculate every move on the Fallen Shield Encounter.
  • Kill both Mini-Bosses in the Final Encounter. Stay on the central platform only if you have cover from the enemies or a Well of Radiance. Otherwise, use the small platform on the back left side of the arena for a safer spot.

The dungeon itself is pretty straightforward, but a wrong move can finish it all. Play carefully, with patience, and avoid the intended traps to complete the dungeon solo and flawlessly. Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!


Spire of the Watcher Solo Flawless

unnamed 6 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

Spire of the Watcher is the latest dungeon introduced in Destiny 2 in Season of the Seraph. Being one of the hardest activities to complete, requiring not only focus and will but patience and skill. We prepared a few tips for this dungeon that could help you complete it and overcome the challenge:

  • Learn Wires Positions.
  • Do not rush the encounter, kill the adds, and be patient.
  • Do not kill Hydras in the opening and first encounter; exploding Supplicants spawn when they get killed.
  • Kill the Harpies and Goblins in the Akelous encounter for a smooth damage phase.
  • Use the reactor room for a safe distance. Use the heavy slot as your best weapon to deal damage.
  • The Entire dungeon is focused on wiring and nodes; mastering the locations helps you take no risks while activating them.

You can expect to spend a lot of time in this dungeon to learn the mechanic, check every node and wire location, and use every few seconds of the damage phase in your favor. Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!


Duality Solo Flawless

unnamed 7 How to complete Solo & Flawless Dungeons in Destiny 2 Smoothly | VGLeaks 2.0

The Duality Dungeon is arguably the hardest dungeon to attempt a flawless solo run. It was introduced in the Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2, and since then, the challenge has begun! The Solo Flawless duality triumph is an extremely difficult way to tackle this dungeon, but, we are here to share with you our best tips to succeed:

  • Watch out for Stomps, pushes, slides, phalanxes, and bellkeepers. They can easily end your run by smashing you into a wall.
  • Kill both psions and pick only one symbol! Leave the respawned one alive, and kill it when you’re inside the other realm to extend your damage phase timer.
  • Stay away from the middle hole in the second encounter. Double-check the symbol you are looking for!
  • Taunt Caiatl to gain more time to eliminate the bellkeepers (while she is stomping).

To successfully mark this dungeon as completed, you must have a strong build and high-stat armor with 100 resilience. Here is a complete video walkthrough of the dungeon!

Final Thoughts

Even if completing Destiny 2 Dungeons Solo & Flawlessly might be difficult at the first glance, our article should help you master every aspect of the preparation and a better idea of how you should get a better grip on various situations.

We hope that you found everything you need to know about the difficulty, weapons, and different strategies you can use.

Good luck, Guardian!