First picture leaked of Samsung’s VR Headset


This is not a tech space, but VR gimmicks are related with videogames. Facebook has Oculus Rift, Sony has Project Morpheus and Samsung is developing its own device known as Project Moonlight.

After numerous rumors, the Verge has published the first picture of this new piece of hardware manufactured by Samsung:

Samsung VR First picture leaked of Samsung’s VR Headset | VGLeaks 2.0

The picture shows the headset, a gamepad, a unit of Samsung Galaxy S5 and a cover to attach the phone to the headset.

Samsung and Oculus Rift have a partnership. Koreans provided Galaxy Note 3 displays to the latest Oculus Rift dev kit (DK2), and reportedly, Samsung would have got access to the Oculus Rift’s mobile software development kit (SDK) in return.

In relation with this matter, Samsung could reveal Project Moonlight at IFA (Berlin, 3rd September 2014) and in a simultaneous event holds in New York.

VR could be the new black in the videogames industry.

Thanks, VRfocus.