The Walking Dead franchise has expanded massively in recent years. Along with the main series, AMC released spinoffs in Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It plans to expand its universe with future projects including a Rick Grimes movie, and this will most certainly lead to more related games. One of the top offerings to come out recently is an online slot based on the series, which could prime players for other titles about the popular series.

Licenced Slot Developed by Playtech

One of the top Paddy Power Games online slot offerings in 2021 is the official Walking Dead game from Playtech. Some players may have played the slot machine from Aristocrat Technologies in the past, but this online option is modernised and more in line with the current state of the series. It features beloved characters on the reels, including Michonne, Rick, Carol, Daryl, and Negan.

Players get a genuine sense that they’ve entered the world of the series, and they’re surrounded by apocalyptic teammates represented by the show’s familiar faces. The fact that AMC officially licenced this game suggests that the entertainment company is preparing to commission other titles on various platforms. This would be the way to go in the modern franchise model and one that is essential if it wants to successfully expand its universe.

Existing Walking Dead Games Have Been Successful

There have been numerous Walking Dead games up to now, with the role-playing series from Telltale Games being one of the most popular offerings. The games featured brand new characters and storylines that existed alongside the plots of the main series. Players would encounter settings and characters from The Walking Dead from time to time, but it mainly existed in its own bubble. This provided a fresh take on the universe and gave players another way to enjoy its themes.

For mobile, The Walking Dead: Our World has been a revelation. The augmented reality game allows players to see undead enemies superimposed on real-life surroundings through their mobile screen or an AR headset. The title has an overall rating of 4.3 stars in the Google Play Store and gives players a sense that they are one character battling for survival in a zombie virus-ravaged world.

What Future Offerings Would Players Love to See?

Telltale Games underwent a majority studio closure in 2018 and discontinued the Walking Dead series. That opens the door for a brand-new take, and fans would love to see another console game with fresh ideas about The Walking Dead. The subject matter screams out for an open-world survival epic in the same vein as Bend Studio’s Days Gone. It would also be interesting to see something involving characters from one of the spinoff series, with fan favourite Alicia Clark from Fear representing the perfect option for a game protagonist.

Just as the main Walking Dead is winding down, AMC is doubling down on its universe by preparing to release even more spinoffs and related products. The new slot game from Playtech is just the beginning, and there are likely to be many games for other devices dropping in the years ahead.