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[UPDATE] Dance Central: Spotlight has been announced for Xbox One today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference:

Enjoy the trailer!

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Dance Central: Spotlight, the fourth entry in hit dance series developed by Harmonix, has been rated on the ESRB page for Xbox One.

This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform dance steps by following the movements of on-screen characters. Players score points by accurately moving their bodies in time with the music and scrolling flashcards. Some song lyrics contain suggestive/sexual material (e.g., “Baby let me put your panties to the side I’mma make you feel alright,” “First class seat on my lap girl,” and “Tres, we can ménage a three though”). Other songs reference drugs and alcohol (e.g., “As we moonshine and molly” and “And I’m eating at the beat like you gave a little speed to a great white shark on shark week”).

dance central  Leak  Dance Central: Spotlight for Xbox One spotted on the ESRB [Updated Info: E3 Trailer inside] | VGLeaks 2.0

Dance Central games use to appear at Microsoft’s E3 press conferences, so expect an official announcement today.

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