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Each time a Marvel’s film is released the company are losing an opportunity to increase their business and expand their influence through transmedia products. Marvel has established a powerful net of collaborations with different entities, but they are forgetting one of the most influential sectors in the entertainment world: the videogames.

Comics, movies and TV Series could be supported by videogames based on Marvel characters. The brand has split their properties among different videogames publishers, but they could force third parties to increase the quality of those games and integrate them inside the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

TV Series are perfect to extend a story that can’t be adapted to a film. This format offers the possibility to develop characters deeply. Comics are an experimental format, ready to introduce new heroes, plot twist and different approaches to ordinary events. Graphic novel buyers are very demanding with their products, therefore, if a change works in this area, most likely it will work on the big screen.

Tom Holland has been chosen to perform the role of Spiderman. This character should create the foundations for the next generation of Marvel movies. In theory, everything would be interwoven to this character, but this influence should reach the videogames industry. Marvel and Sony should look for an experienced studio able to build a great Spiderman game, not just a licensed article. A sandbox approach could fit to the essence of Spiderman and his rich universe of villains and characters.

The Avengers have smashed the box office twice and the audience is eager for their next adventure. What if this “next adventure” would be an Action-RPG based on that universe? The Avengers will fight together against a new menace through well-paced gameplay mechanics and a finest story-telling.

2 600x338 Marvel has forgotten the videogames industry | VGLeaks 2.0

Commonplace videogames could be made to take advantage of these licenses under a quality point. Other franchises are not easy introduced in a videogame format. Hulk is extremely powerful and a game should reduce his abilities in order to create a challenge to the player. Mansioncasino.com has created a game of chance that delivers the essence of Hulk, because this game offers a strict component of challenge.

Guardians of the Galaxy could perform a hack & slash game featuring a dual combat gameplay to skip between players without loads. A seamless system.
Marvel has got some of the best franchises in the world right now, but they could have some of the best videogames if they decide to invest in the game industry.