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Nintendo are working on their new piece of hardware. Apparently, NX will be the Wii U successor, first contacts with thirds parties have been positive and Miyamoto will be focused on software tasks. Also, the machine could cost around $149.99 and the rumored Diddy Kong Racing 2 project would have been moved to NX.

Kevin Callahan, a former CGI animator and currently enjoining the life with his family, has dropped this bomb on his blog. Kevin has made a rational and logical argument about the release of Diddy Kong Racing 2:

“Two weeks ago, Nintendo confirmed that Retro Studios isn’t working on a Metroid Prime title.

Nintendo applied for a trademark for “Diddy Kong” in Europe a few weeks ago.

Satoru Iwata teased at Diddy Kong Racing 2 when he held up a bunch of bananas at the E3 Digital Event.”

iwata bananas Nintendo NX rumors: priced at $149.99, Diddy Kong Racing 2 moved to NX | VGLeaks 2.0

Tamaki, from Unseen64, has commented this rumor and has stated that NX won’t have backwards compatibility with Wii U.

Guy claiming Diddy Kong Racing 2 is in development. Do I believe him? I think I do.

“Everything that he claims about the NX is consistent with the hearsay I have heard too; that it will be a low cost alternative to PS4/XBO.

$150 seems too low to me, but interesting that other people have heard this as well.

I do believe that there is some kind of Diddy Kong Racing project in development. Everything else he said? I’m totally on the fence.

If you really think that NX will have backwards compatibility with the Wii U, you’re in for some bad news lol”

Place your bets.

Thanks, kevincallahangames.