This humble article won’t surprise anyone, but I would like to speak about this. I am going to write without to do a mention, I’m not going to say any name (no games, no websites). We know what happen in the industry, we don’t have to disguise the truth.

What am I talking about? Exclusive reviews. The idea is, I am the company and I have a new game. You are a media, you write about videogames and you want and exclusive review for me new game. I would add to the end of this sentence: A game that everybody wants to play. That’s important to remark.

Nowadays there is a savage competition between websites, magazines, etc. We have to get only for material if we want to get and reach the audience. You have to offer something different in relation to others spaces that treat the same topics, it’s obvious. My point is:

If you offer an exclusive review, you will have to make up the publisher courtesy to your media. You have to pay that preference, this special treatment. The mark must be high, if you are going to review my game, the game must be awesome. People need to know that, need to confirm that. Therefore, where is the objective view in this type of review? Because of they are not going to give a low mark for the game, always will be high, great, and close to the excellence.

The publisher gives you that exclusive, you have to be grateful. What’s happen with the other Medias? They could punish the game for this special treatment. So, we’ll have and strange, bizarre stage with the product; A perfect review (always) and maybe other ones created with a few of envy in their lines…

One thing is clear for me, this special treatments are stupid, a poison for the industry. Fair play, everybody has the right to play the match with the same rules. As a client, I couldn’t decide to buy a game with only one review available.

Could I trust in these kinds of reviews? You have the answer, the player always have the answer. Try to play the games and make you own idea about their quality. Nobody could know better than you what you like or dislike in a game.

If you have something to say, something that others would need to know or you are an insider and you want to unveil something important and nobody hears you, contact with us. We will publish your opinion article.