The E day is coming closer and just some hours left until the first conference. Microsoft will open the Electronic Expo with a galore of games to show, at least if we believe in Phil Harrison. The Xbox chief stated that Microsoft would focus on games at E3 14.

Sony promised to offer a different E3. I hope they meant tons of games. I am not confidence with profits, numbers and bragging about the PlayStation 4 sells around the world. We want games, we are insatiable.

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Nintendo is in the middle of nowhere, in a strange situation with Wii U. The Kyoto company could try to revive Wii U injecting games directly to the players. Their latest console hasn’t got the best health in the market, but they are not going to give up yet.

I would like to condense rumors, leaks and some news about the upcoming E3. What company would uncork the champagne?

E3 2014 Microsoft rumors & leaks

2014 has been a year of changes in Seattle. They have already settled their policy with One, so it is time to speak upon games, and just games. Before I forget, Microsoft accepted to back down their policy with Xbox One and Kinect and you can already buy One without the movement gimmick.

New Xbox One models: Microsoft could commercialize a new white Xbox One and a model of Xbox One without disk drive, just for the digital market.

Sunset Overdrive: the plumb crazy new IP from Insomniac Games could feature an 8 co-op multiplayer mode.

sunset overdrive 600x337 What could we expect about E3 2014? Summary of Rumors & Leaks | VGLeaks 2.0

Phantom Dust: one of the most originals games on Xbox could come back on Xbox One.

3rd Party game exclusively on Xbox One: long rumored in the internet. Microsoft could have secured a multiplatform game just for Xbox One. Some rumors pointed out about the timeframe of this exclusivity and it could be an only for One game for some months.

Crackdown 3: The game could be announced today.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection: The Chief in glorious 1080p and 60fps only on Xbox 1.

Dance Central: Spotlight: The fourth entry in the hit dance series developed by Harmonix has been rated on the ESRB page for Xbox One.

E3 2014 Sony rumors & leaks

Sony made the decision to show all their weapons in their conference. However, Microsoft have slightly detailed Halo 5, Forza Horizon 2 and showed footage from Sunset Overdrive before their conference.

Most likely Sony will show Uncharted 4, more footage from The Order: 1886, Project Beast and, maybe, they are going to be enough bold to show the new Guerrilla Games open world RPG.

PlayStation 4+PS Vita bundle: rumored before, it could be materialized in hours.

Guerrilla Games and its new IP: apparently the dutch studio is working on a new IP. Probably would be an open world RPG with robots, dinosaurs and some mediaeval stuff. Something unique.

Uncharted 4: Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann lead the fate of Nathan Drake now.

Project Beast: From Software meets Japan Studio. Some voices claims Project Beast will be unveiled as Demon’s Souls 2.

PS4 and PS3 new models: Sony registers two new models of hardware, one related to PS4 and another one to PS3. A new skin for PS4 could reach the shelves.

The Last of Us PS4: This remaster could be available in October.

Final Fantasy Type-0: the long awaited PSP game could reach the occidental market.

Guns Up!: Sony registered this brand, apparently unrelated to other Sony’s projects.

More trademarks: Bloodborne, Entwined and Kill Strain. Code names for possible new projects.

God of War: Ascension: A new remaster could reach the PS4 shore.

A cocktail of rumors: Sony could present a new WipEout, a new exclusive game from Ninja Theory, a new Syphon Filter and more, much more…

E3 2014 Nintendo rumors & leaks

Nintendo would still have some aces under their sleeve. The Legend of Zelda U should have its moment during the Nintendo conference. Mario always come to rescue the princess and Nintendo, the plumber could reveal a new platform game for Wii U. In Nintendo we trust.

Mario Maker: this new IP could be announced at E3 2014. Nintendo have decided to share with the community their level editor of New Super Mario Bros. franchise (It’s just a joke).

mario maker 600x300 What could we expect about E3 2014? Summary of Rumors & Leaks | VGLeaks 2.0

Pokémon Emerald version: Nintendo trademarked this brand in Japan, is another Pokémon remake coming to 3DS?

A big new 3DS game: if we conferring some credibility to some rumors, Nintendo could reveal a big game for 3DS. Any bets?

New hardware by Nintendo: the Big N is in constantly evolution, we could see their new step in the industry.

E3 2014 Multiplatform rumors & leaks

Multiplatform games establish a brotherhood between users of different machines or create the foundations to wage a cruelty war based on arbitraries aspects.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity: Four player co-op for the campaign rumored.

Unity E3 2014 600x270 What could we expect about E3 2014? Summary of Rumors & Leaks | VGLeaks 2.0

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: The E3 trailer has been leaked

Prey 2: a lot of documents were leaked about this game and Bethesda confirmed a project for E3 (It won’t be Fallout 4), there are chances for Prey 2.

Battlefield: Hardline: EA will expand the info upon the Visceral’s games vision of Battlefield.

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare: Will this game finally available on Wii U?

Resident Evil: Capcom could expose a new Resident Evil game based on Revelations, in that vein.

Hero by Ubisoft: A game influenced by the superheroes trend. Characters with wielding powers.

Mortal Combat X: drag some spinal bones with care. It’s official, so it will be at E3.

Shenmue: Sega trademarked Shenmue in Japan. It’s the cradle of all rumors, therefore it has to be in this article.

Tomb Raider: Square-Enix registered domains for “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” and “Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris”

Agent: the Rockstar’s Duke Nukem Forever game could be reintroduced at E3. The brand was renewed some weeks ago.


Dummy game by Bethesda: this game was listed by Amazon.

City Stories by Rockstar: a new portable GTA game could be on the way.

Rockstar new project for PS4 and One: The mother of GTA could be developing a new game for PS4 and Xbox One slated to be released in 2015.

Judas Code: Japanese developer tri-Ace (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile) registered this title a few days ago. Third-party exclusive game incoming?

Mass Effect 4 and Deus Ex new game: two incoming must-have games.

Dead Island 2: Andrew Lamb (Storyboard Artist & Creative) has worked in this game according his portfolio in Linkedin, so it’s plausible that Techland will unveil Dead Island 2 in the following days. However, hard to believe, because of Techland is working on Dying Light, Hellraid and Dead Island: Epidemic right now. Nevertheless, Techland could announce the game in an early stage of development.

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This article has been created whereas his author was listening Michael Monroe, Danko Jones, Disturbed and some Rock & Roll from the eighties.