Project Eight is an exciting new game in progress from a Kazakh developer. It looks pretty spectacular and has some themes that will be sure to excite fans of existing blockbuster games such as The Witcher and Dark Souls. 

Developers around the world are improving and increasing their skills, and we don’t just rely on Asia and the West to develop games. Kazakh developers are making new and exciting games, as well as apps and casino games that are among the best casino games used in the country, according to We could be seeing a new scene emerging in Kazakhstan as access to technology increases. 

Let’s delve into this rumored indie game and what we know about it so far. Fans of certain huge franchises will be getting excited about the developer’s offering, as it shares some themes with a lot of big franchises that have been successful in recent years. 

The Project Eight game – what we know so far 

The developer is said to be working alone. Going by the nickname of “Ervik”, they’ve been working on the game for around a year. Ervik has made a YouTube channel that shows some of the footage from the game.

They have only showed a couple of video captures, including what looks like an early stage of the game where a character is running around in a forest looking for items and “loot”, which could suggest a big survival aspect of the game.

Ervik’s game is being made on Unreal Engine 5, which is described as a “real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences” and is used for a huge number of modern games. This platform virtually guarantees a realistic experience and if used correctly can turn a project into an exciting immersive game.

People who have been speculating on what this game could be like to play have already noted some similarities with other games out there, such as Dark Souls and The Witcher.

The few videos out there for Project Eight show the protagonist of the game, as well as what looks like an enemy, which seems to be some sort of demon. It burns from the inside before crumbling down into light sparks while it is walking, so it looks like elements of magic, mythology, and of course monsters and demons are involved in the game. This has been mooted as reminiscent of a juggernaut or another monster.

Comparison with The Witcher and Dark Souls

The dark, brooding look of the game has left fans of Dark Souls and The Witcher drooling as they wait for new content to quench their appetite for these darker games that feature a lot of magic and mystery.

The themes in The Witcher led to it being one of the most successful game franchises of recent years. The game even transcended culture and became a popular television show as well as being a game with a huge cult following.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which came out in 2015, was the most recent offering made by CD Project Red, the Polish game developer. This was the sequel to the 2011 game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The open-world game with a plot that is set in a mythical fantasy land was incredibly well-reviewed. It has an average review score of 93% on MetaScore, which shows just how crazy most people have gone for this amazing franchise. Even though it has been many years since its release, remastered versions are coming to new-gen consoles later in 2022.

The game is made on REDengine 3, unlike Project Eight’s Unreal Engine development.

Dark Souls is another game with fantasy themes, and it is widely regarded as one of the best games ever made due to its intelligent philosophy, gameplay, themes and level of immersiveness. The game was intelligently made and is still in great demand today.

What Project Eight will bring

No one knows what Project Eight will actually bring, but those who want to play RPG games and open world games that have fantasy and mythological themes are often left searching for new and exciting games to play. There aren’t that many successful games out there in this genre.

Project Eight could take a while to fully develop, especially considering the fact that there is not a big team working on it, but early comparisons with these huge, successful titles will be welcomed by the devs, and get plenty of fans of other franchises watching for a demo with keen interest.