The established console model could change for a new approach where systems would be revised before to change the generation. Sony is working on PS4K and Microsoft, apparently, is testing Xbox One under different conditions that would include upgrade hardware configurations.

Giant Bomb has dropped a bomb (pun intended) of 4K about Sony’s new piece of hardware.

Bullet points:

PS4K is codenamed NEO. PlayStation VR was called Morpheus. Matrix interferences.

– PS4 games will be required to ship with both a “Base Mode” to be able to run on PS4 and “NEO Mode”. This initiative would be mandatory for any game commercialized in October and beyond that point.

– Games will take advantage of NEO hardware to deliver more stable titles and higher visuals.

NEO will support 4K image output. Games won’t have to be 4K native.

– PS4 and NEO will live together and will use the same user environment. PS4 and NEO will use the same PS Store, connect the same online communities and offer the same user experience.

– PS4’s purchases will be retained on NEO.

– Sony pretends to keep the PS4 and NEO player bases connected.

Only on NEO games won’t be allowed. Developers could not divide users offering special content on NEO and not on PS4.

– Games running on NEO will have to run at least at 1080p.


Specs PS4K: codename NEO, Specs, and more... | VGLeaks 2.0


– Developers are not happy with NEO by Colin Moriarty:

Colin PS4K: codename NEO, Specs, and more... | VGLeaks 2.0

– Dev kits: keep just one dev kit with two profiles.

Thanks, Giant Bomb and Neo-GAF.