It seems that we have news regarding new models of PlayStation 5. And this time it would not be just internal revisions, but a revision that would reduce the size and weight of PS5.

According to Tom Henderson, Sony is planning to launch, around September 2023, a new PS5 revision that will have a detachable disc drive.

This new PS5 would replace the current models that we can buy today (Chassis A, Chassis B, and Chassis C) and would become the main PS5 model.

Gamers could purchase a console without the disc drive, or another one with the optical drive if they wish. Even the disc drive could be purchased at a later date. In the case of having an optical drive, it would be portable and would be connected to the console via a new rear USB-C port.

The PlayStation 5 itself would therefore be significantly thinner and weigh considerably less than current models.

Otherwise, it seems that there would be no major hardware changes internally in this new PS5, as well as the form factor.

However, it is not known whether the reduction in size and weight could make this version the equivalent of a PS5 Slim.

Via | insider-gaming.com