Ubisoft has expanded the life cycle for Assassin’s Creed. The idea revolves to extend the content of each game with updates and release new games every two years or more, but not every year.

The next chapter could be called Ragnarok, a new iteration set in Norse mythology. We have the vibe of God of War with this game, but is just a confluence of ideas. Some details have been published in different outlets for Ragnarok. In bullet points:

  • Codename Kingdom.
  • Release fall 2020 on current and new systems.
  • Game could be unveiled at reveal PS5 event -supposedly- scheduled on February.
  • Map: Scandinavian countries and part of England. London and Plimouth are in.
  • Play as a woman or as a man. Same story.
  • Brotherhood system is back with recruitable NPCs.
  • Less naval combat that Odyssey or Black Flag.
  • Mythic norse will appear with Asgard og Jottuneim, visitable places. Ygdrassil would be a big in the story along with Loki or Odin.
  • Ragnarok will conclude current storyline for present setting.
  • Gameplay revised from Odyssey with RPG mechanics and new elements.

Thanks, Reddit.