Patents are on fire these days. A dew days ago we talked about the PS5 new controller thanks to some images on a patent that gave us some details and confirmations. Today we talk about the “mysterious” cartridges patented that Sony that could be used to increase PlayStation 5 base storage.

sony ssd memory ps5 8c01 [Rumor] PS5 could feature cartridges as extra storage medium | VGLeaks 2.0

The patent has been updated with the following text:

This is a recording medium which can record various data, such as a character, an image, an animation, a sound and a program. By loading the opening provided by the game console with the tip end part by which a variety of pins of this cartridge were provided, the various data recorded on this cartridge can be read.

As you can see, there’s not much information about it and Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but these cartridges really seem to be some kind of storage expansion.

Stay tuned.

Via | letsgodigital.com

Image Credit | letsgodigital.com