Last entries of Call of Duty included multiplayer elements of Battlefield and the next Battlefield could add aspects of Call of Duty. It’s a small world after all.

Details of Battlefield 2021 has been published by MP1ST:

  • Title: Battlefield, simply as that.
  • Abilities: the game could integrate these abilities for multiplayer purposes. These abilities would be similar to the perks of COD.
  • Setting: the game would take place in 10 years from now (maybe people in that future does not need to wear facemasks), so, set in a near future. The game would include weapons and vehicles developed by the military today. Similar to Blacks Ops 2 with that setting.
  • Campaign: described as revolutionary. The player will choose the faction to fight for (Russia or US). Co-op experience.
  • Multiplayer: four different types of soldiers with different abilities, like the perks played on COD.
  • Reveal trailer: May with a cinematic trailer with zero gameplay.

Thanks, MP1ST.